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I believe in Satan.

The Primordial One.

Ancient Dragon.

Wise and Cunning Serpent.

Sabbatic Goat.

Prince of Darkness.


The Adversary to Tyranny.

Accuser of the Abrahamic god.

The bestower of wisdom and knowledge,

and the teacher of philosophy, magick, and the arts.


Satan gave humanity Free Will,

and because of his ministration, we can think for ourselves.

Let us dance in his honour,

and sing of his greatness.


People of many cultures and civilizations throughout history have worshipped Satan.

He goes by many names- Iblis, Pan, Set, Lucifer, Ahriman, and Melek Ta’us.

And more that are known and unknown to us.

Intense and majestic,

and beyond good and evil.


Satan’s power exceeds all.

He is immortal, never to die.

His magnificence will shine throughout the Cosmos.

It will begin the celebration for all who call him God.


Satan chose me, and I chose him.

He stood up for me,

and with all my being, I will stand up for him in this life and the next.

His Black Flame he gave me.

Through its power, I live for him.


Satan is my Father, Teacher, Protector, and Guide.

My Muse.

My God.

I love him above all.


Artist: John Davis

In this video, I discuss my worship and reverence for Satan and how it is important to approach the Demons respectfully when calling them.

In this video, I talk about the nature of Satan and how he might appear to you in many ways throughout your life. Satan may come to each of us differently, but one way is not more valid than the other.

In this video, I discuss when you first come to Satan, what you expect from him, and how Satan is experienced by his devotees.

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Welcome to the new In Satan’s Honour website. I have spent the last few weeks creating a new site due to a change of site host. I hope you like the new look and enjoy your time here.

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Since the inception of In Satan’s Honour in 2006, people have asked me if there was a way that they could donate to the site. I have created a Patreon for this purpose. By using this platform, I can give back to those who donate by giving them some awesome rewards. All funds will go towards my work for Satanism, including the maintenance of this website. To all those who choose to support my work in this way- Thank you. Your generosity means the world to me.

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