In Satan's Honour

 Satanism and Demon Worship

Available Now... At Satan's Altar by Marie RavenSoul

Marie RavenSoul, a disciple of the Devil for more than 30 years, presents the reader with a fascinating collection of her personal and heartfelt devotionals to the Lord of Darkness. Those who have been searching for a serious and practical guide to religious rites in honour of Satan will find what they seek in this volume. Written with the explicit religious worship of the Devil in mind, At Satan’s Altar provides a wealth of liturgical material to aid both the novice practitioner and the seasoned Satanist alike. Whether your path is a solitary one or you are looking for something to add to your Coven’s rituals, this book will not disappoint.

Contents Include


Prayer of Invocation

Satan, Horned One… You Are!

Satan’s Temple

Pan, God of Prophecy… Come!

Descend O’ Serpentine

Chants of Devotion


Hymn to the Sabbatic Goat

Prince of Darkness

Hymn to Iblis

Affirmations to Satan

Spiritual Practices and Rituals:

The Satanic Altar


Satanic Baptismal Rite

Dedication Ritual

Nine Days of Solitude Devotional

…and more!

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Artist: John Davis


What is written here doesn't need to please everyone. I write for Satan and his Demons and I answer to them only.