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In Satan's Honour

In Satan's Honour was founded in 2006 by Marie RavenSoul to honour Satan and the Demons. At the time, the internet was lacking in devotional-type writing, and a place needed to exist where Satanists and those interested in Satan could go to find inspiration and encouragement in their spiritual practices. Satan is revered as a sentient and primordial entity who, throughout the ages, has been worshipped by many names and among many diverse cultures and civilizations.

Everything written for this site is an act of worship. It is not the type of worship that requires a person to grovel on their knees in fear and submission to their deity; instead, it is complete reverence and adoration, an act of free Will. Each prayer, poem, and proverb comes from the heart with a deep

love for Satan and the Demons. I desire that these words will help the devotee gain insight into what it means to be a practising Satanist. To walk the dark path with the Black Flame burning forever bright.

Throughout the years, this site has gone through some changes. The most obvious one is the words under the title. 'Traditional Satanism' was replaced with 'Satanism and Demon Worship.' The decision to remove the word traditional was to get away from the idea that Satanism needs a label. Satanism is Satanism—period. Demons get special reverence as they are gods and goddesses in their own right and have been humanity's teachers since the world began.

The manifestation section includes resources relating to various aspects of Satanism, Demonolatry, the Left-Hand Path, Magick, Philosophy, the Occult, et al. These texts, videos, and websites are invaluable to the Satanist, so expect to see more added in the future. While I don’t agree with all of them, I have added them because they are beneficial in one way or another to those who want to expand their knowledge.

I invite every Satanist who reveres Satan to become a member of this site. Not only will you be a part of a community of other Satanists, but you will also be able to participate in the blog and forum.

Marie RavenSoul

A Satanist—what I am and what I always will be.

At an early age, I felt a presence with me, and as I got older, Satan began to make Himself known through various signs and manifestations. As He led me further down His path, I became interested in the occult and everything that had to do with Satan, especially books, art, and music. In the summer of 1985, when I was fourteen years old, I made a decision that would affect me for the rest of my life—I became a follower of Satan.


As His presence intensified, the signs, manifestations, and dreams increased. Satan taught me through that inner voice and raised the Black Flame within me. I began to understand my true Will, and I took the next step and dedicated my life and soul to Satan. It was done!

My path is my own, not one I found in a book. I have always believed that Satan is a real spiritual entity, and His powerful essence cannot be denied. My life has been forever changed through His great wisdom and touch on my soul. Satan has tested me, and I have had to walk through the flames, but that is His way.

I express my adoration for Satan in many ways, predominantly through writing and painting. I have given Him my body as a temple, my mouth for Him to speak, and my life as a complete act of devotion. I wear a pentagram ring on the ring finger of my left hand as a symbol of my dedication, and it is an outward statement that He is most important to me. Satan is my God, my Father, my Teacher, my Muse—my everything.

Over the years, I have also established a connection with the Demons, and they have become a special part of my life. Each one has taught me knowledge of a different kind, and they have pushed me to better myself in all aspects of my life. I honour them for who they are and the undefiled wisdom they have shared with me and the world. I will always be grateful for their presence in my life.

In 2003, I became involved in the online Satanist scene. Yahoo groups were popular back then, and I got involved with Diane Vera’s Theistic Satanism forums and then started my own. I eventually moved on to other projects, and now I focus on serving Satan and the Demons through writing, painting, teaching, and anything else they might put before me.

I am a devotee of Satan. I am His child and His student. I am His Priestess.

Ave, Ave, Ave, Satanas!

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