In Satan's Honour

 Satanism and Demon Worship


Connection with Satan

I honour my commitments to Satan.

I live my life according to His decrees.

I will not stray from what I have promised.



Satan is my God.

The Ancient Serpent who always was.

I seek after Him,

and learn His ways.


I raise the chalice in Satan's honour.

I take part in His Will.

It is who I am.


I walk the path of Satan.

Despite good or bad.

No adversary can rip me from His grasp.


I practice my Satanic religion every day.

It is my first priority.

I pray to Satan and spend time with Him.


My pride is in being a Satanist.

I declare myself openly as such.

I will never hide my devotion to Him.

No matter what it might cost me.

Connection with Demons

I hold the Demons in the highest regard.

They are my eternal teachers.

They possess the mysteries of the ages.

I treasure their gifts like an ancient relic,

deep within my soul.


Through the halls of philosophy,

Ronove leads me.

I learn from him,

the meaning of life.


Belial teaches me the ways of the mundane.

I will put them into practice.


As I delve deep into myself,

Eligos rips opens the walls I have constructed.

I am faced with who I truly am,

and I spread my wings and fly.


In the voice of a child,

Phenex inspires me to write words of wisdom.

I will teach the ways of Satan.


Among the dead,

Abaddon rises.

He advises me on the ways of vengeance and war.

My soul is stronger.

I am becoming the warrior I was meant to be.


I am strong.

I can overcome anything that is put in my way.

There is nothing that I cannot handle.


When life is difficult,

I stand strong and persevere.

I use my pain to make me stronger.


               I always keep in mind Abaddon,              

  and his amazing power and strength.

Even though I may feel weak,

I will stand up for what is right.

For I am a warrior!


Every step that I take,

I become stronger.

I will leave behind that which is not good for me.


Even though everything seems to be coming apart around me,

I will deal with whatever I must.

I will continue to go on,

even though it feels like I can't.

I am stronger than I realize.


Everything I need is within me.

I am powerful.

Life has pushed me down,

but I will rise and meet every challenge head on.


I am free.

In body, mind, and soul.

No one has the right to take this away from me.

I have broken the chains that once held me captive.


No longer will I obey a law from above.

I am not a slave, but a free person.

Satan has destroyed the Tyrant's authority.

I will be who I was meant to be.


My country tries to tell me what to believe.

Yet no one can force my soul to follow what is false.

I know what is true.

I will follow my own wisdom.    



I am in control of my thoughts.

I will make my Will manifest.

I am free to choose my own path.


I live by my own standards.

I know what is right for me.

I refuse to listen to people’s agenda for my life.

I will not give my power to anyone.

I trust myself.



I will try new things.

I won’t allow anything to hold me back.

If anyone tries to hinder me,

I will push them aside.

It is time for me to ascend.

Self Love

I love myself enough to care for myself.

I owe it to myself to live life to the fullest.


I think of the majesty and beauty of Ashtoreth.

She has shown me how to embrace every part of myself.

I am strong and powerful.

I have nothing to prove to anyone.


I like who I am.

I enjoy my own company.

I believe in myself.

I will achieve the impossible.


I am unique.

I am confident.

I am sexy.

I am beautiful.

I am magickal.

I am Satan’s own.


People may say negative things about me.

But I am the only one who defines who I am.

No one knows me better than myself.

I love myself unconditionally.


I am manifesting my Will.

It is a part of me.

I will never let go of what I have always desired.

I am becoming who I was meant to be.

I am a star.


I am successful.

I will achieve my goals.

My dreams are becoming a reality.

I will succeed in what I set out to do.


It is good to make money.

I am saving for the future.

I will prosper.


It does not matter if I am successful in the eyes of others.

It only matters if I am successful in my own eyes.

I am the only one who can determine my own success.


I am moving forward each day to accomplish my goals.

I will not allow anything to hold me back.

I am unstoppable.


My finances are important to me.

I am keeping to my budget.

I am doing what I can to be free of debt.

I am managing my money well.

It is important to my success.


I am more than capable to do what needs to be done.

I will not let being alone stop me.

My dreams are mine,

and I am responsible for making them a reality.

I am a success.