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A Devotee of Satan

Posted on June 30, 2016 at 5:05 AM

What does it mean to be a devotee of Satan?


The image I see in my mind that best describes this is a person sitting, legs crossed, in deep meditation, as he/she listens to Satan's voice. This person goes before their altar not once a month, not once a week, but every day—often a few times a day. They wait in expectation, hoping to learn the lessons that Satan will bestow.


These lessons won't be easy. As I have said before, Satan isn't about easy.


Their mind is open, ready. The atmosphere changes as they invoke Him, and they feel His energy as it runs through their veins. With each new breath, they go deeper into the darkness, never to look back. Their connection to Satan is strengthened, and the Black Flame that He instilled in them burns fiercely.


As they rise from their position at the altar, they are not the same. They have been touched by Satan's essence and are transformed. They feel the difference, and therefore they move beyond what they once were.


They spend time in solitude—alone with Him. Coming out of the mundane and into the spiritual often. As a devotee, they don't just read about Satan or listen to music about Him. They practice what they believe, it is their life. They see His signs as they go about their day and are always attuned to His voice.


As Satan hands them His chalice, they drink His elixir.


It is done.


Satanic Blessings,


Marie RavenSoul

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Reply Erik
7:00 AM on June 30, 2016 
Well written, Marie - the Infernal hope promised in "As Satan hands them His chalice, they drink His elixir" is most powerful's experience at their altar should not be just the taking/receiving but the offering & surrendering of oneself.... it is the worshipful recognition of just what & who that HE is.
Reply Starr
2:45 PM on July 2, 2016 
Marie, you are a great writer. You are right. It's about more than reading books. I feel almost silly asking this here, but if someone else new to the LHP has the same question, I don't mind asking. If you don't have an alter at this time, can you just find any quiet place inside or outside of your home? If there are typos, I apologize. I'm typing this on my phone
Thanks for all that you do.
Reply Marie RavenSoul
6:24 AM on July 3, 2016 
Thank you, Erik.
Reply Marie RavenSoul
6:31 AM on July 3, 2016 
Thank you, Starr. Yes, it is perfectly okay to find a quiet place to communicate with Satan. Not everyone is able to have access to an altar. It is the intention that matters most. I will write a post specifically about this soon.
Reply Angie Schofield
4:26 PM on July 12, 2016 
Well said Marie