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Race in Satanism

Posted on July 13, 2016 at 9:20 PM

I want to make something very clear—Satan does not discriminate in regards to race.


Satan chooses who He chooses. He calls who He calls. His chosen ones may be Black, White, Indian, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, and so on. Satan considers a person's SOUL, not the colour of their skin or what country they were born in.


Some people might disagree with me on this. I don't care. Those who believe that Satan favours certain races while viewing others as inferior, I would ask them to consider the concept of reincarnation. This is the belief that after death a person's soul is reborn in another body. The journey might last for a couple of lifetimes or it may last for many. So it is safe to say, that a person most likely would have been born in a different country in at least a couple of their lifetimes.


Which means—a soul can have the experience of being many races. The race you are in this lifetime may not be the race you were in the last, and it most likely is not the race you will be in the future.


Al-Jilwah states:


“None shall live in this world longer than the time set by me; and if I so desire, I send a person a second or a third time into this world or into some other by the transmigration of souls.”


You don't know where Satan might choose to send you after you die, but it probably won't be the same place that you are now. His reasons are His reasons. He might want you to experience and learn new things, which is hard to do if you always live in the same place. He also might want you to make a difference for Him in another country. This could result in you being born of another race; perhaps, the very race you have always judged.


The colour of a person's skin doesn't make them who they are, and it should not be what defines them. What matters is their character, their choices, their achievements and creations, beliefs, actions, and so on. To say that Satan would reject a person based on how much pigment they have or don't have, is wrong and diminishes everything that He is.


To the racists out there, do you actually think that the Prince of Darkness, the Ancient Serpent, cares about skin colour? The body is only a temporary dwelling place for the soul, what it looks like doesn't matter in the great scheme of things.


I have gotten quite a few messages over the years, from people asking if race matters to Satan. My answer has always been the same—He looks at the soul.


Race is for a lifetime...the soul is eternal.


Satanic Blessings,


Marie RavenSoul

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Reply Angie Schofield
6:21 PM on July 14, 2016 
Spot on Marie everyone is equal in the eyes of father satan satanic blessings my friend \m/
Reply Junior priest Craig.
12:41 PM on November 13, 2016 
We are all from the same loaf of bread, we are just toasted differently !!

Will you be adding any practical tutorials?