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Satanist not Allowed to have The Satanic Bible in Prison

Posted on November 14, 2016 at 2:20 AM

A former inmate of New Mexico, USA, is filing a lawsuit against a senior chaplain and the prison officials because she was not allowed to practice her religion while she was in prison.


Her religion—Satanism.


According to the report, Monica Lujan, who says she has been a Satanist since she was 13 years old, was not allowed to have The Satanic Bible for the three years that she was incarcerated, even though she had asked for it several times.


The prison officials told her that Satanism was prohibited. Her lawsuit states that when officers were looking through her bunk, they found photocopies of The Satanic Bible, a prayer book, and a pentagram that she had drawn. In turn, they took most of her things away from her.


According to the article, Alex Sanchez, the Deputy Secretary of Administrative Support for the New Mexico Department of Corrections, said that inmates are allowed to practice Satanism as long as their religious items and rituals aren’t a threat to security.


And what items might that be, Mr. Sanchez?


If he was implying that a Satanist uses a dagger in rituals, yes, but are other religions that use ritual daggers considered dangerous to the prison system too? What about Pagans? They use an athame. What about the Sikhs? They must carry a religious knife- a kirpan, on their person at all times. And didn’t Jesus tell his disciples to carry a sword? He certainly did. Items that would be considered dangerous wouldn’t be allowed in a prison, so I don’t see how that could even be an issue.


People like to make it seem as if Satanism is dangerous, yet they have obviously not studied Satanism nor read The Satanic Bible. It’s absurd that they don’t want Satanic literature in prison, yet the Holy Bible is given out to inmates. Christian chaplains conduct Bible studies—yet, it demands the killing of certain people such as disobedient children, homosexuals, witches, and followers of other religions to name a few. It also believes in animal and human sacrifice, as well as other horrible things such as the law in Deuteronomy that forces a woman to marry her rapist.


The ACLU is helping this woman with her lawsuit and rightly so. If the Christians, Muslims, Jews, and every other religious person can practice their religion in prison, the Satanist should be able to as well.


This is an issue that should concern all Satanists. It doesn’t matter if you are theistic or atheistic. Why? Because it could happen to any one of us if we ended up in prison or any kind of institution for whatever reason. It doesn’t matter what the crime is or whether the person is guilty or innocent. Imagine what it would be like to be confined to a prison cell for years and not be able to have your sacred texts.


We can read about these stories and do nothing, or we can make sure that what is happening to other Satanists is given exposure. Once we know about issues like this, we need to speak out against them. So many others are eager to speak out against discrimination in regards to their race, religion, and sexual orientation. Yet the Satanists, for the most part, remain silent about standing up for their own religion.


What if it was you in that cell?


Satanic Blessings,


Marie RavenSoul

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