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To be Forever Changed

Posted on December 16, 2016 at 12:40 AM

Before you begin to walk the dark path, be aware that you will be forever changed. Once you have opened yourself to Satan and His energies, you will never be the same. It doesn’t matter whether you are an older adult or a young child; once you take that first step, there is no going back. You might try, but once His essence touches you, it has transformed you in some way.


The path of Satan is not one that you want to start walking without knowing what you are getting into. It might seem ‘cool’ and ‘interesting’ at first and you might be tempted to dabble for awhile, but make no mistake, Satan doesn’t like ‘dabblers.’ Satanism is not a game or something you get into because you want to rebel against something. It is a serious religion that takes dedication.


To be called a Satanist, a follower of Satan, you need to know who He is and what He stands for. If you don’t, why bother? Research and study BEFORE placing even just one foot on the path. Many people start to follow a deity because of what they have heard or seen, but they truly don’t know anything concrete about them. They make their decision based on the word of another person who might not know much either. Don’t do this. If you are truly interested in Satanism, make the effort to learn about it.


Satanism is intense. It is life changing. It reaches to the bottom of who you are, your soul. It is not about yelling ‘Hail Satan’ all the time, but it requires study and practice. What was the last book you read on Satanism? And have you been to Satan’s altar today to spend time with Him? You can never come away from that place without learning something new.


Satan is a real spiritual entity. He has done so much for us and deserves so much more than what we give Him. If you believe this is where you belong, begin to walk and don’t stop.


And never… ever… look back.

Satanic Blessings,

Marie RavenSoul


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