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Called to The Altar

Posted on February 26, 2017 at 2:15 PM

More than ever, I have had the strongest feeling that I need to spend more time at Satan’s altar. The pull has been persistent and strong, and I know that it is Satan calling me.


I have responded.


In addition to the regular prayers that I say as I wake and then again before I sleep, I now feel called to go before the altar throughout the day as well. I light a black candle, burn some incense, and ring the bell. I will then say an invocation, and what I do next depends on the situation. I always pray, but I also might meditate, give an offering or perform some form of divination.


Before I approach, I always take off my footwear and bow before the altar. This is to show Satan respect and reverence. I will often cover my head with a black scarf to show respect, but also to get me in the right mindset. As I put it on, I can feel myself leaving the mundane and entering the spiritual and my focus immediately goes to Satan.


This daily practice has become a very important part of my life and it has strengthened my relationship with Satan. It has caused me to look at my life in greater detail and to change my priorities.


For those of you who do not have a physical altar for whatever reason, or if you are away from your altar, you can create one in your astral temple. If Satan is calling you to do this, he is aware of your situation and will know if your intention is in the right place.


Over the years that I have been on this path, Satan has often called me to go outside and spend time with him by the water or in a nearby forest. I have felt his presence very strong in these places, and I love sitting with my eyes closed while listening to the waves or trees as I feel his energy all around me.


As I write this, even now, I feel it is time to leave the computer and go to spend time with him.


Is Satan calling you?


Satanic Blessings,


Marie RavenSoul


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