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Whatever the Cost

Posted on August 22, 2017 at 10:35 PM

Satan is honoured here.

For those of you who visit this site, it is my hope that you feel his energy within these words, and that your spirit is renewed with a passion for his ways and teachings.

May Satan’s manifestations increase in your life and teach you about who he is in all his aspects. He will give you an inner knowing that what you are seeing is from him, and this will erase all doubts that you might have.

If he comes to you clothed in fear, know that it is for a reason. He may be preparing you for something or he could be testing your loyalty. He wants true devotees. He wants to know if you will follow him no matter what the cost or situation. He has no need for people who will just use his name for their own superficial purposes.

Embrace whatever Satan sends you. It may lead you to the Abyss or to the greatest of heights. He may cause you to question everything you believe, and as a result, your foundation will be strengthened. Prepare for your spirit to be ripped in two, only to be brought back together much stronger. Walk through your anxieties and be open to what they teach you. It will be uncomfortable but keep on, as there will be a reward at the end.

We all go through times of weakness. Satan knows this, but he chose us anyway. No one is perfect, yet he has a purpose for all those he has called to walk his infernal path. If you have answered his call, he expects you to make it to the finish line. No matter how difficult it might become, you know that you must do it. If you doubt, move forward anyway. There is no time for hesitation.

The time is now…

Satanic Blessings,

Marie RavenSoul

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