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Thank You, Satan!

Posted on March 7, 2019 at 10:40 AM

I want to thank Satan for everything that he has done for me. He is amazing. He has taught me so many things throughout my life that I couldn’t have learned in a book or in school. His wisdom is beyond that of any other and he knows what we need to experience in order to be prepared for the next phase of our life.

Has he tested me? Damn, right he has. Were the tests pleasant? No. Were they scary? Some of them were. He began testing me when I was quite young and I certainly wasn’t ready, or so I thought. Just because I was a child didn’t mean he was going to be easy on me. If Satan has plans for you, he will begin preparing you early. Take it as an honour, not as something to avoid. Have I passed them all? No. But he knows my heart and soul and that I was genuine when I answered his call. He knew that I would fail at times before he chose me, just the same as he knows that you will make mistakes. We all do.

Satan has a way of letting you know that he is with you and he will nudge you when he wants you to pay attention to what he has to say. Don’t miss the chance to learn from him. People will pick up a magazine or turn on the television hoping to learn something but will say they are too busy to meditate or pray to the one who can teach the most ancient of knowledge and wisdom. It is so important to get away from screens- television, computer, and cell phones and go to a place where you can be alone and spend time with yourself. This is one of the things that Satan has taught me over the years- to know myself above all.

My life has not been easy. I have gone through a lot. I don’t speak much about my personal life online but the people who are close to me know of my struggles. Satan has been there for me through all of it, and although he allowed me to go through some tough times, it is because he wanted to strengthen me and to teach me invaluable lessons that I would never have learned any other way. I trust him above anyone.

When I wake up each day, I am grateful that Satan chose me. It is the biggest honour I could ever have. I will continue to dedicate my life to him as I promised many years ago.

Thank you, Lord Satan.

Satanic Blessings,


Marie RavenSoul

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