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Read! Study! Research!

Whenever a new Satanist asks me what books or websites I recommend, I always say read whatever you can get your hands on. I always suggest the reading material that inspires me, but it is also beneficial to learn other points of view and gain knowledge on the various types of Satanism and occult topics.

When I first started my journey, I looked everywhere that a child could go to find books on Satanism and the occult, but the school library only had a handful of books that would have been considered occult. Once I read those, there was nowhere to go, and the public library didn’t have much except for encyclopedias that only contained a limited amount of information.


As a young person excited about the occult, I was disappointed. The only books about Satanism that were available were The Satanic Bible and The Satanic Rituals by Anton LaVey. I still remember buying them and rushing to get home so I could read them. It wasn’t what I had hoped for as a Theistic Satanist, but at fourteen years old, it was different than anything I had ever read and inspired me to seek further. Al-Jilwah at the back of The Satanic Rituals touched me the most, and no matter what opinion others might have of the book, Satan spoke to me through those words.

At the time, the internet didn’t exist, so it wasn’t like I could get on a computer or phone and type in Satanism to get the information I needed. And there was no way to find other Satanists unless you met them in person or through pen pal listings in a magazine. It was a very lonely path and required a lot of work to find any material to learn from. Inspiration came from black metal music and horror movies, which are far from accurate. But at a time when Christianity was everywhere and practically everyone was against you, it was what you turned to for support.

I am encouraged that more books on Satanism are available now than in the past, but you won’t find them in your local bookstore. You will have to get them directly from the publisher, an occult bookseller, or online from places like Amazon. But the problem with Amazon is that books written by Satanists are in the same category as books written by Christians against Satanism, so make sure to read the description before purchasing. I also encourage Satanists to read any texts that mention Satan, including The Bible or The Quran, so they know what people of other religions believe about him. It helps during discussions or debates when Christians or Muslims act like they know it all but don’t realize that Satanists know the Abrahamic texts better than they do.

If you desire to evolve as a Satanist, you must study as much as possible. However, always use discernment when deciding what to accept as truth and what you will incorporate into your personal practice. Just because someone wrote something in a book doesn’t make it correct. Anyone can claim their ideas are factual, and while their experiences might be valid to them, it doesn’t mean that you should accept them as part of your worldview. Ask Satan for guidance and pay attention to what he shows you. Also, never allow study to override your spiritual practice or interfere with your relationship with Satan, and don’t let anyone, including other Satanists, negate what Satan has revealed to you.


He will lead us to desolate places. His fiery tongue will pierce our spirit. Satan- that Ancient Serpent is HERE. There is no escaping His power.

In this video, I discuss the importance of not following what others are doing even if it becomes popular. If you are a Devotee of Satan, look to him and don’t lose your way.

In this video, I talk about how Satanists often get told, especially when they are younger, that Satanism is just a fad or that they will grow out of it. This is not true. The Devotee of Satan’s love for Satan gets stronger over the years, and if Satan has chosen a person, he invests in them.

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