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My Testimony
Joshua Sasse

My journey into Satanism and the occult started when I first prayed to Satan when I was 15 years old. Previously raised and educated in a Lutheran background, I had grown tired of all the dead religion and bullshit pushed forward by the pastors and even the students. I had come to the revelation that all humans, Christian or Atheist, are beasts. I wanted to become something more. I wanted greater power. These things pushed me to study the black arts and embrace Satan as my TRUE FATHER. This would begin the transformation from human weakness to demonic godhood. It wasn’t long before I found The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey. In it, he points out all the weaknesses of the Christian faith and that all followers of Christ are nothing but carnal beasts. Drinking, looking at pornography, and lying are all common traits of the typical Christian, he says. But The Satanic Bible was only the beginning.

After about a week into my occult studies, I experienced a nightmare. I was suddenly shaken by a demonic force before I found myself standing in my room. The walls appeared to move slightly before me as if in waves. There was a door in the room, which I approached and opened. Inside was what appeared to be a burnt-down building and a vast space of emptiness and darkness. I revered the bliss of the moment and felt the power running through my veins. I was then confronted with another door that I felt might hold unspeakable horrors behind it. I felt the rising ecstasy as I approached the door and opened it. I stood before a mirror with my face reflected in it. My face contorted into that of a demon. At the same time, I was both horrified and satisfied. The image was who I am and will become. The demon was made flesh and part of me at that moment. After looking back at this experience, I realize that I am a child of Satan and always will be until the end of time. I AM THE DEMON!!!

Satan has proved by my experience in hell that he is my TRUE FATHER. But Satan is more to me than just a father. He is a giver of everlasting happiness and peace. Satan does not command his children to worship him, but instead, to become like him in all ways possible.

My life has changed for the better ever since I prayed to Satan. I have become stronger in Will, more disciplined, more intelligent, and more focused than ever. I have made the call and climbed the steps toward godhood.

After my experience, I continued to study the dark arts. I came across the works of Michael W. Ford and Aleister Crowley. I found Crowley’s ‘MAGICK’ to be one of the best books on magick ever written. In it, he explains how to discipline the Magickal Will. I joined the Order of Phosphorus, which Mr. Ford currently presides over as Magus.

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