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Heading 6

My Testament

By Josteinn

All my life, I have had an independent connection with the occult (hidden knowledge), as well as the supernatural. Being a stubborn Leo, I've always wanted to learn things my way and discover things without listening to others. This has changed in the past year, as even though I picked up things throughout my life I don't think the average occultist and/or Satanist has discovered, I've learned there is much more that can be gained from learning through others. For a good portion of my life, I’ve been able to see through the devil's eyes, yet there have been long moments when I did not. This was not because I somehow was linked by accident and never meant to be a part of our father's kingdom; that would be absurd for the reader to believe, as you either have that essence or you don’t. Yet I believe my lack of sight was due to the fact that by being blind, I can understand what it feels like to be blind; to be nihilistic and see everything as being purposeless, I can understand what the average human being goes through with life. So truthfully, I always have been a Satanist deep down inside, I just haven't always practised the religion.

Satan is what I refer to when I connect with my guides and is regarded as the great father. To say such an ignorant claim as "Satan is not the good god of Christianity," is nothing more than a dysphemism. Anyone who has connected with Satan on a deep level as well as with the demons, should understand that it's not a matter of whether he is the good god of Christianity or not; it’s the fact that he does care about humanity. The proof behind this is both historical and modern; you just have to open your eyes and pull your head out of your ass in order to see it and allow yourself to grow in a spiritual sense with him. Having a closed mind is a Christian concept and something real devil worshippers despise, yet sadly see a lot of in some of the internet Satanists that plague people’s minds into thinking they know everything about what it means to be a Traditional Satanist. They will reap what they have sown in due time if they have not started to already.

Satan is the adversary of “god,” in reality and outside of reality, and he is the most evil entity in the universe. Myself, as well as other Satanists who have connected with him, know that he has that essence in him because we do as well. I have done some very cruel things in my life, especially to those I love, as it’s in my nature, and I'm sure it is in his nature as well to inflict cruelty upon his children from time to time when he feels it is necessary. This does not cause me, and shouldn't cause any of you, to question the fact that he has a gentle side to him as well. Satan is still the first angel ever in all eternity, and he still has those qualities to him, but unlike Jehovah, he's open about the fact that he can be a heartless bastard. While Jehovah, who throughout history has only shown himself to be a cruel prick yet has brainwashed humanity into believing he is a good god. I believe he truly created man in his image because when man gains power, he has a tendency to be irresponsible with it. To live under Satan is to be in a state of continuous never ending balance. This involves listening to your deeper, more sophisticated self, as well as being able to indulge in the pleasures of life without getting carried away and ending up in a state of depression and foolishness.

My life is wonderful because of Satan, but it is also wonderful because of me. His teachings, and my actually listening to them and acting upon them, are what have caused me to be a happy son of a bitch. The beauty that exists within pure darkness is much more compelling and natural to the potential spirit of man than the forced upon blind white light (think of it as a drug to make you happy), ugliness that exists within the modern and past spirit of man.

In el nombre de Sathanas, Luciferi Excelsi!

Hail Satan!

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