In Satan's Honour

 Satanism and Demon Worship


Guided Meditations

A Choice Between Two Buildings

Walking down a wooden path, you notice that the trees on both sides are becoming dense. Very soon, you are surrounded by forest. It starts to get windy, and as the trees sway back and forth, you feel the first drop of rain. Lightning flashes in the distance, followed by a clap of thunder, and dark clouds begin to form overhead. You are alone and your heart begins to race. Wanting to go back from where you came, you turn around, but the path is gone and in its place is a crumbling brick wall. You have nowhere to go but forward. The rain hits you hard, and as the thunder gets louder you begin to run. You trip and fall, and as you get back on your feet you see lightning strike a tree in the distance and there is a loud crack.

The sky becomes dark and you can barely see the path divide into two. Lightning flashes and it reveals a building at the end of each path.

The building on the left side is a small cabin, humble in appearance. The wood is mouldy and a board is broken on the side, and it swings back and forth with the wind. The three steps to the red front door are slanted and are strewn with dark green leaves. Black liquid drips from the top step and onto the ground. The door has a tiny window that is covered by a dark blue curtain. As you look up, you see an unknown symbol on the very top of the cabin.

The building on the right is seven stories tall and made out of fancy marble. Each level has two huge casement style windows that are lined with gold. One window is open on the top floor, revealing only darkness. There are ten cement stairs, draped in white carpet, that lead up to the veranda. The gold railings stretch out like arms at the bottom. The front door is a shimmering emerald and the window in the middle is outlined in gold. There is an unknown design on the inside of it.

You have to choose one and you call out to Satan for guidance.

It seems like forever, but then you hear the familiar voice. “You must make the choice yourself.”

Closing your eyes, you take a deep breath and hold it.

“Use wisdom, my devotee.”


As you let the air out of your lungs, you feel all doubt leave your mind. Standing tall, you take the first step on your chosen path. The rain stops, the air becomes still.

Reaching the building, you knock on the door and it opens wide. You enter...


Look closely at the figure who let you in. Are they human? Animal? Demon? Something else? Do they say anything to you?

Take a good look at everything around you, such as the walls, ceiling, furniture, decorations, and floor. What do you see? Does anything stand out to you?

Do you smell anything? If yes, what is it?

Do you hear anything?

There is a figure sitting at a desk at the back of the room. Walk up to them and introduce yourself. Do they tell you their name? Ask them if they have a message for you. Once they have given it to you, contemplate on it. If you have any questions, ask them.

After saying farewell, you take your leave. Opening the door, you see that the sky is clear and all is quiet. The brick wall is gone, and you walk down the path to where you first entered.

What have you learned? Did you make the right choice?