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With Satan in My Soul
By Morkild

My path to the Dark Lord Satan was a very slow, gradual process. From an early age, I knew the lies of xtianity for what they were, but I didn’t know what alternatives were available to me. I’d always felt a certain affinity with Satanas, though I did not actually call myself a Satanist or worship Him until several years later. Gradually, as I moved through high school and into college, I began to realize how different I was from the rest of the people around me. I seemed to have a higher sense of myself, a growing individuality which brought me increasingly to the Left Hand Path. When I was in college, I read The Satanic Bible, and my life was changed inexorably for the better.

Although I am a member of the Church of Satan, I do not follow their atheistic point of view. I respect it fully but cannot support it. To me, there is no doubt that Satan is a very real, tangible entity. I feel His love within me and around me every day, and I cherish it. Indeed, I literally wear Satan’s power everywhere I go. My black leather is the Skin of Satan. Through it, I feel His infinite presence as He steers me through the maze of life in the modern world.

I have been a disciple of Satanas for twenty years now, ever faithful. Over the last few months, however, it has become increasingly obvious that Satan has a plan for me. Something tremendous is looming on the moonlit horizon. Since April of this year, my faith in Satan has been jarred awake by a force beyond reckoning. It is as if Satan shook me by the shoulders and shouted, “I am still here!” Since April, my life has taken a major turn upward. Never before has my outlook been so optimistic for myself, as well as for the world at large.

To me, it is obvious that the xtian god has no power left to rule over the Earth. What strength he may have had has long since been bled away on the altars of Satan. To be sure, I myself have driven the knife into his shrivelled heart on countless occasions. I, and all other disciples of Satan strive to make this happen. We seek the unconditional destruction of god and the xtian religion. LET ME MAKE THIS PERFECTLY CLEAR: We DO NOT seek the destruction of xtians, only of their insipid god and his lies. As Satanists, we do not believe in murder, sacrifice, or physical destruction. It is much more satisfying for us to see the xtians destroying themselves in their god’s name! Witness the conflict in the Middle East—most of which is done in the name of god. A perversity beyond Satanic reasoning. It will not be long before xtianity drowns itself in its own tears. As more xtians realize how unworthy their god is of their love, perhaps they will discover the true course of Wisdom along the Left Hand Path. And when that happens, Lord Satanas will welcome them with open arms!

Marie asked me how I see Satan. In my eyes, Satan is the natural order of the human species. Satan is love, sex, hate, anger, passion, truth, darkness, and light. Satan is all things at all times. It is what we do with His infernal power which makes us the person we inevitably become. Hate is a very negative emotion, but it lies in all of us. How we channel it is what is important. I channel my hate almost exclusively toward god and his treachery. Anger, for instance, at an injustice can be a powerful motivator toward instigating positive change in the world around us. Love, sex, and truth need no explanation.

As I continue to immerse myself in the works and words of Satanas, I can feel my heart expanding with His unholy love. I strive to do His bidding, to digest His Truth, and to make it part of my soul. I am currently studying for the priesthood, where I hope to do Satan’s sacred tasks upon this Earth while I am here before taking my place at His left side in the eternal Kingdom of Hell.

Eternally devoted to Lord Satanas.

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