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The Raven

Watching... waiting... silent... alone...

She doesn’t cry for fear of prying eyes.

How long since she had spoken to Him?

It couldn’t be three months—but it was.


The maple tree bristled in the silence.

Her heart skipped a beat—it was the Raven.

Cawing loudly, His beady eye looked at her.

He appeared to her often in that form, but seeing Him now made her realize how much she missed Him.


“Where did you go?” She whispered.

“It is not a question as to where I have been. You sought shelter among the stagnant waters, yet I have never left your side.”

Tears began to flow from her tired eyes. “Was it you I heard in the tree that one morning?”

“Yes. I tried to reassure you, but you wouldn’t accept what I had to give.”


She turned away, not wanting Him to see inside her soul. 

But there was no point—He was inside her very being. “Why do I feel this way? I tremble at your magnificence.”

“You know me when others do not—yet, you are still unsure.”

Screaming at the top of her lungs, she released her innermost emotions. “I am yours—you have always known that.”

“But YOU must truly realize this deep inside yourself.”

Breaking the shackles that had held her for so long, she let herself slip into the realm of darkness—and accepted who she truly was.

The Raven welcomed her home.


Amy's Flame


Meditating in the darkness,

I am alone with the magick.

A calmness rises in me,

as I slip further into the abyss.

A dog barks in the distance,

and my focus is returned to the altar.


The candle flame begins to dance,

jumping and swaying.

As it heightens, he appears—

Amy, a grand president of Hell.

I expect him,

after all these years.





Bestowing many treasures,

Amy leads the curious to lift their eyes to the upper realms.

The stars hold innumerable secrets,

that he has the authority to share.

He opens the psyche,

and exposes what is hidden.


A teacher of the sciences,

he encourages mankind to achieve greatness.

And as he did with Archimedes,

he instills young minds with wisdom.

His lessons cause change,

and what is thought to be impossible—is accomplished.





But in an age when many have left learning behind,

Amy grieves as an inheritance is lost.

People ignore the prodding of the Ancients,

so the world will face dire consequences.

As enlightenment is shunned and books are burned,

no excuse shall be accepted.


This burning flame,

was never acknowledged for his gifts to man.

He has been in the shadows—

until now.

Rise, great Daimon.

As I—and the world, stand in awe.




Soul Cry


Tears streamed down her face,

an expression of how much she loved Him.

But she had left Him behind,

fear overcoming what her soul had always known.


“You have made the right choice,” people said.


She couldn’t follow Him.

He was evil—or so it had been written.

So moving on was what she had to do.


But the ache in her heart grew.

Had she been wrong all those years?

Her path now set.

But the walks at night together...

Had they not been a communion of the soul?


No one could understand, as they had never felt...

It didn’t matter now.

Looking up into the dark sky, her soul cried out.

She could never forget.



Maybe Tomorrow


Maybe tomorrow, I will paint a picture—as the fire deep inside craves expression.

Maybe I will embrace the Serpent’s wisdom—as it is the cornerstone of who I am.

Maybe I will rise from the ashes like Phenex—as the past is dead, and can never keep me down.

Maybe I will make a difference in someones life—as it can change the world.

Maybe I will travel to an unknown location—as treasures can be found in the unlikeliest of places.

Maybe I will allow Him into my heart—because the Ancient Dragon is my Creator and my Destroyer.


Maybe tomorrow, I will perform a special ritual—as the Serpent gave the world a gift when He slithered in the garden.

Maybe I shall write the book I was meant to write—so the unknown will become known.

Maybe I will change my circumstances—and manifest my Will despite what happens to me.

Maybe I will break the shackles that bind me—as one should never give up.

Maybe I will unleash the Dragon within—as darkness is the foundation, and through it, the truth is found.

Maybe I will learn to dance—as I am loved by those who matter to me.


Maybe tomorrow, I will listen to the philosophical words of Paimon—as they lead to an understanding of all that is.

Maybe I will take a new course—as learning is limitless, and stagnation the greatest enemy.

Maybe I will share what matters to me—as battles can't always be won, yet the war for truth should always be fought.

Maybe I shall spread my wings and fly—as freedom is everything.

Maybe I will petition Vassago about what the future holds—as it is never too late to change direction.


Maybe tomorrow, I will...


But my Lord Satan says—why not today?

Forever Lamia


One night in the cold of winter,

a heart was shattered.

Torn apart from her soul mate,

by circumstances beyond her control.

Pain filled every crevice of her being,

and every minute became an unbearable nightmare.

Life lost all meaning,

as the anguish ate at her soul and memories tortured her mind.


She would never be the same,

as the one to whom she was eternally bound in Satan's name—was gone.

Hundreds of miles away,

and separated by unbreakable borders.

She cried out to Rosier, the Demon of love,

to whom they had done many rituals together.

Yet no answers came,

and hope began to fade.

Only their candle was left.


Consumed by anger,

the pain too hard to bear.

She ripped what was left of them apart,

knowing they could never be.

Through hateful words, she pushed him away,

so he could move on and be happy.

Not understanding, he went his way,

believing that her love for him was gone.

But no—she loved him to the very depths of her soul.


In this life, they cannot be together,

but in the next they will meet again.

Greeting each other with open arms,

in Satan's kingdom.

She remembers their last night,

how she took the blade, then gave him her hand.

“Drink, my Love, one last time.

I will forever be your Lamia.”

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