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Vow of Allegiance


Lord Satan,

Horned One of the Sabbath.

I come before you, alone,

my soul exposed.

In complete devotion,

I kneel.

Receive this from me,

my greatest desire.

You are my Master,

and I am your Chosen.


Beautiful and majestic,

you emanate such amazing strength.

My eyes are fixed upon you in admiration.

Darkness surrounds you,

a cloak befit for my King.

I know who you truly are,

The Primordial One.

I embrace your total essence.

My Satan,

My Lucifer.


I dedicate myself to you,

in this life and the next.

No matter what the cost,

I will carry out your Will.

I fight by your side in battle.

Your enemies are my enemies,

your cause is my cause.

Never will I betray you.

Delight or pain,

I will follow you anywhere.


I pledge my allegiance to you.

Before all the Demons,

my eternal witnesses.

Before the gods and goddesses of old,

who stand in quiet acknowledgement.

Before the angels of light,

who dare not raise a hand against me.

Before Jehovah and his Christ,

who must admit defeat.

Before nature,

as it celebrates in song.

Before the world,

its arguments now silenced.


I renew the oaths I made to you long ago.

The ones written with care,

and those expressed in thought alone.

I wear your symbols with pride and love,

an outward statement that I am yours.

Use the words I speak to serve your purpose,

and may my identity be a testimonial to you.

And when it is time for me to take my last breath,

I shall be staring into your dark eyes.

I choose with my entire being,

to spend eternity with you.

So be it.


Satan, I am Yours


Conqueror of the assailant of knowledge,

you changed the universe forever.

Your foot rests on Jehovah's back in endless victory.

Applause echoes throughout the cosmos,

an eternal celebration.

On the highest mountain,

you reveal your glory to those you choose.

Yet in the eyes of the masses,

you are veiled in darkness.

O Satan,

I am yours.


Ancient Serpent,

you called me before my birth.

My soul responded in sudden rapture.

I could not resist you.

Your presence alone demonstrates illimitable authority,

an unquenchable fire that brought me to your side.

O Satan,

I am yours.


Mournful One,

you weep for many things unseen.

Your burdens,

I could only wish to understand.

Might I carry even one to ease your pain,

but this, you would never permit.

For you would not have me endure something which is not mine.

O Satan,

I am yours.


Master of Magick,

you walk with crystal ball concealed.

Holding secrets many would give their very soul to have.

But for too long,

people have abused your gifts.

Using them,

and attributing them to entities not worthy.

An awful surprise is in store for them,

and one day they will admit their folly.

O Satan,

I am yours.


Muse of Creativity,

you make it possible for humanity to express itself.

Having freed minds from the grip of a false god.

Throughout time,

you have guided the hand of many creators.

Manifesting works that have influenced many cultures and individuals.

You have reached where no one else has been able to,

my soul.

O Satan,

I am yours.


Satan’s Temple


Black candles I light in your honour,

Lord Satan.

I invoke you this precious moment.

Your sigil I have drawn.

I cut my flesh.

I give you, Satan,

my life force.

My blood is spilled for your victory.


Come into me as I open myself.

Your essence consumes my soul.

I am yours,

forever and eternally.

How could I love anyone more than you?

It is not possible.

I live for you.


My body is yours to make your Will manifest.

My mind given to you,

to create what you desire us to know.

My spirit declares your glory everywhere I travel.

My soul is my ultimate sacrifice to you,

my Master.



you fill my mind and transform me.

Darkness overcomes me,

and I bask in its infernal pleasures.

Your presence surrounds me,

therefore I am never alone.

With bended knee before your altar,

I have made eternal oaths that can never be broken.

May you be glorified in everything I do.


Foundations have been shifted as you work in my life.

Where once there was light—there is darkness.

Where there was stagnation—now there is chaos.

Where once there was love—there is hatred.

Where there was weakness—now there is strength.



I am your temple.

I feel your presence increasing within me.

When people look at me,

they see you.

As they feel me,

they feel you.

I anoint them with my blood.

When they drink of me,

they drink of you.


I praise you eternally,

Lord Satan.

Prince of Darkness...

Ancient Serpent...

You are great and majestic,

with a beauty that shines more than the sun.

You are wise and beyond all understanding,

and darker than the deepest chasm in the universe.

I embrace your darkness.

I embrace your light.

With you,

I have all I need.

Ave Satanas!

Appeal for Guidance


Teach me, Lord Satan,

the knowledge of the ages.

Guide me in thy wisdom,

and let me feel thy presence.


Manifest to me as you Will.

Don’t let me be bound by irrefutable doctrines,

but lead me to true freedom.

Give me the strength to leave my comfort zone,

and to explore what is forbidden by those who believe they are wise.


Take away the fear that binds me,

and set me on my true path.

Yet if you don’t think I am ready,

let it be as a sunrise.

Allow me to see your light as well as your darkness,

the fullness of who you are.



Great Dragon...


Prince of Darkness...


If I could have anything,

it would be to know your truth.

To believe in what is real,

and not in the insanity of others.

So as I walk down this narrow road,

don’t let me be discouraged.

As it was you who placed me upon it.



All I Have


Your presence surrounds me,

like fog over a lake on a summer morn.

Your black flame bestowed upon me,

burns dim, but cannot be extinguished.

No matter where I run,

I cannot escape you.

Wherever I turn,

you are there.


You allowed me to wander,

but all in your timing.

Knowledge had to be taken,

like a jewel from a secret vault.

You enticed me back to your side,

yet twisting and turning, I fought.

But I knew that I must come home,

as that is where I belong.


My mind is filled with memories,

like drawings in an ancient cavern.

Your essence is unlike any other,

darkness and light merged in power.

My soul has always yearned for you.

When I am far,

it is incomplete.

Your call reaches me through space and time,

an impression on my spirit.


Your energy pulses through my veins,

and excitement rises as I begin anew.

For I belong under your precious wings,

where all strength lies.

You are the amazing one,

Lord Satan.

If only I could see you before me,

your beauty and power would keep me in awe.


If I could sing a song—I would lift my voice to the stars to announce your truth.

If I could play you a sonata—I would hope to make you smile.

If I could dance in worship—I would express to you the love that fills my heart.

If I could paint an image—I would create a masterpiece flaunting your magnificence.

But all I have is this prayer—expressed in adoration.


Satan Contemplates the Serpent by Gustave Dore.jpg

Satan, Who You Are To Me


Lord Satan,

you give me the energy that flows through my veins.

And the joy that floods my heart.

Wisdom given when the time is right,

an impression on my soul.

Sweet words in a whisper...


My heart is racing,

full of emotion.

A love once given,

is now given back.

A blanket of comfort over my being,

a peace that transcends all.

Words unspoken,

but thought.

Feelings beyond a poet’s mind.

Quiet contemplation of who you are.

One beyond description...


You are in the clouds that sail across the sky.

In the wind,

crashing waves against the shore.

In the sound of rustling leaves,

and in the beauty of a waterfall.

You are the power of a volcano,

and the chaos of an earthquake.

You can be found in the vastness of the night,

and in the dawn of a new day.

Creator and Destroyer...


As I walk, you are beside me,

and when I sleep, you give me dreams.

When I cry,

you place your wings over me for comfort.

You remind me of who I am.

When I need someone to talk to,

you send a friend.

When I sing you a song,

you listen.

When I am sad,

you take away the pain.

When I forget certain treasures,

you remind me.

I went away,

and you let me go to learn.

When it was time,

you brought me home.


My Beloved


Beloved Satan...

I need your presence in my life,

just as one needs air to breathe.

To be without you,

would be to die.


Your love is like no other love.

It is overwhelming,

most powerful and complete.

It reaches to the depths of my soul.

Showing me that what I thought was love,

was not love at all.


You teach me day after day,

night after night.

I am insatiable for your untold wisdom.

You have shown me ancient things,

which I will cherish for eternity.


If home is where the heart is,

my home is with you.

As it was and will always be.


Bestow Upon Me, Satan


Bestow upon me, Satan,

the characteristics of the Dragon.

Overwhelming strength,

vanquishing all weakness.

Uncompromising power,

to manifest my Will.

A fierce presence,

in the face of my enemies.

Dreadfully protective,

a shield for those I care about.

May its fire burn in my spirit,

keeping the black flame bright.


Bestow upon me, Satan,

the characteristics of the Serpent.

Possessing ancient wisdom,

creative in my solitude.

Believably cunning,

so I can make my way in life.

Extremely ruthless,

for when people attack.

In constant renewal,

rising each day, ready to do your work.

May its venom run through my soul,

till it consumes me.


Bestow upon me, Satan,

the characteristics of the Peacock.

Prideful in appearance,

always showing off my beauty.

Immortal spirit,

living on throughout the ages.

Steadfast in everything,

willing to go anywhere necessary.

Regal in stature,

a presence to be reckoned with.

May its essence fill my body,

making every step one of confidence.


Bestow upon me, Satan,

the characteristics of the Raven.

Forever watchful,

never ceasing to observe those around me.

Highly intelligent,

knowing what to do in every situation.

A spiritual figure,

so I can teach others about you.

Master of death,

embracing it when my time has come.

May its darkness surround me,

where every living being will feel you with me.


Bestow upon me, Satan,

the characteristics of the Goat.

Stubborn in the face of adversary,

never thwarted in my goals.

Courageous without limits,

climbing every mountain in my way.

Enduring in the advent of fear,

doing what others dare not.

Wild to the point of abandon,

free to live my life the way I see fit.

May its energy ignite my faith and desire,

forever holding high the horns of Baphomet.



Expression of Gratitude


Amazing Satan!

Thank you,

for everything you have done for me.

From the time I can remember,

you have been by my side.

Inciting me when I have fallen.

Yet never do you pick me up,

knowing I am capable of that on my own.

You believed in me when no one else did—

not even myself.

Watching over me through the good and the bad,

you held back your hand when I went through hardship.

As I had to become stronger and wiser.

For that,

I give you the greatest respect.


Thank you,

for the times you allowed me to tread on a different path.

Even though it wasn't yours.

You wanted me to learn the ways of the enemy,

so in the face of conflict, I would have the upper hand.

I did learn,

and my hatred for the false god grew.

It is my Will to share my knowledge with others.

I am honoured,

that you have given me the desire to help those who struggle.

Those who hear your call,

but Christian programming holds them back.

May you give them the strength to break free—

and stay free.


Thank you,

for always wanting the best for me.

Preparing me to wield a sword if need be.

For putting up with my inability to push on at times,

and for my laziness and lack of devotion.

For the secret knowledge you impart to me at your altar,

making me evolve as a person and as a Satanist.

You have been my muse since I was a child,

motivating me to create and change the world.

My feelings can never be expressed through mere words,

so I offer you everything I have to give, my Lord Satan.

I love you.



A Declaration



you are beyond compare.

Fathomless wisdom,

deeper than all others.

Your power exceeds that of all gods,

and your presence alone commands respect.

The Prince of Darkness,

you have been named.

God of this World!


Secure in who you are,

your confidence overcomes all insults and injury.

You have much to share,

much to teach.

To all who trust in you.

Among many,

you choose a few.

You guide us along the way,

without a book.

Not through those who pretend they know you more.


You are often silent,

but give words and signs when they are needed.

And often when they are not,

but just because.

You say, “No more” when we begin to kneel,

but instead “Rise, stand strong.”

We call you Father, Friend, and Lord.

But above all,

you are our God.


Prayer For Satanist Leaders


Lord Satan...

Mighty One...

Wisdom Incarnate...

Speaker of Knowledge...

I ask that you bestow your blessings on the leaders of our Satanic community.

Guide us,

so that we will serve you in the ways that you desire.

Give us strength,

to keep going when things get tough.

Bestow upon us wisdom,

so we will know what to do in all situations.

Inspire us to encourage one another,

instead of tearing each other down.

So we will use our words to bless instead of curse.

Yet push us to stand tall when we face things that are wrong.

To fight if we have to,

yet strive for peace.


Help us, Father,

to be there for your children- both the adept and the new.

To guide them in learning what you have for them.

To encourage them not to follow anyone but you,

and to find their own path.

Let us not forget what it was like when we first came to you.

How you were gentle, kind, and patient.

May we follow in your footsteps.

To love as you love,

and teach as you teach.


We are happy to be your servants,

reveal to us the hidden things.

Try us,

so we may be worthy of your affairs that you place in our hands.

Bestow on us your covenant as we trust in you.

Let us receive your counsel,

not acting unless it is your Will.

It is an honour to serve you, Lord Satan.

Thank you for choosing us.

May our lives be devoted to you,

and may we be a reflection of who you are to the world.

Watch over us,

and bless your people.

Lord Satan,

may it be done according to your Will.


Thank You, Satan



For all the things you mean to me,

I thank you.

For the joy in my heart, the life in my spirit,

I give you thanks.


My Father...

You give me a reason to live.


You give my life meaning.

Every day is a treasure in which you encourage me to grow.

You nudge me to enjoy every minute.

The signs you give me,

I treasure.

The dreams you send,

they guide me.

Your presence reassures me I am not alone.

And for that,

there are no words.

Energy you give me when I am weak.

Strength you pour into my being,

when I must walk the difficult walk.


When I am sad,

you comfort me.

When people hurt me,

you let me know that you are on my side.

You are everything I will ever need.


You're my Father,

who I go to with everything.

My Teacher,

who guides me in all knowledge.

My Protector,

when I am in danger.

My Creator,

who made me who I am.

Above all, Satan,

you are my God with whom I will spend eternity.


Thank you,

with all my heart.

Thank you,

from the depths of my spirit.

Thank you,

with all that I am.



Request for Emotional Healing


When insecurity hits me like a raging wind,

be with me, Father Satan.


When doubt strikes me like lightning,

remind me of truth.


When fear overpowers me,

hold me in your wings, Great Dragon.


If pain grabs me like a claw,

heal me with your mighty power.


When depression fills me like water in a well,

shower my soul with joy, beautiful Peacock Angel.


If anxiety creeps through my mind and takes over my thoughts,

place me on solid ground.


When I think that I am not good enough,

make my spirit shine as a star, Wise Serpent.


And if I feel that it is too hard to go on,

give me strength.



Testimony of the Satanic Warrior


Majestic Satan...

You give us the power to trample the remnants of Christianity that are left in this world.

Fill us with your essence,

and let it run through our veins, our souls, our minds, and our entire being.


We trample on the cross.

We spit upon the book of lies.

We desecrate the virgin whore.

Forever standing proud against the Abrahamic god,

we blaspheme his holy spirit and laugh at his suffering.


We inspire those in shackles to break free from his tyrant ways.

Enticing them to take that precious bite,

so they will be delivered forevermore.

You are the mighty one, Lord Satan,

and you have bestowed upon us the knowledge that has made us what we are today.


We hail your name,

and stand strong with you for all eternity.

You inspire us to complete the work you have for us.

We are warriors for you in this world and beyond,

standing up to our enemies and yours alike.

We honour you through our words, our actions, and our thoughts.

Each day that we live upon this earth,

may we grow stronger in our love for you.


You are our Father, our Teacher, our Muse, our Everything,

and we have taken your mark in dedication.

The universe will know that we are yours.

So place your mighty hand upon us,

and lead us further down your infernal path.

Hail Satan!

In Remembrance


On this Remembrance Day, Father Satan,

I thank you.

For all the wars and battles you fought for the sake of freedom,

and the ability to choose your own destiny.

Because of that we can also do the same,

as you gave us the opportunity to know what is good and what is evil.

You instilled in us the ability to choose,

and have set the universe free.


The shackles are off!


Today I recommit myself to you,

and start my life anew on the path that I have chosen.

I will always remember what you have done.

Hail Satan!

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