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Psalm 1


"Come to me, my children.

Do not forget me, who created you from naught.

You are my special ones, designed for a purpose.

You know me by many names.

I lift you up on high.

Come fly with me.

See all I have to reveal.

You know I am with you.

Don't let me go.

I hold your future as I held your past.

And I will be with you for always.

Don't lose hope.



Psalm 2


I love you, my Satan.

My Creator, my Destroyer.

Your sigils I adore as they are symbols of you.

You said, "Just sit at my altar, be in my presence."

And there you gave me peace.

You put my mind at rest.

No one cares for me as you do.

You are my hero.

My everything.


Psalm 3



Man and Woman.

Listen to me, for knowledge of me.

If you ask for me, you shall receive me.

Pay no attention to what my enemies say,

for they do not know me.

If you come to me with a pure and true heart,

then you will find me.

I desire a relationship with those whom I choose

and with those who want to be my own.

Many of you are sad as you cannot worship me.

Understand that the truest altar is thine own heart.

Chalice, candle, and blade are not needed,

as I know of your desire to serve me.

So do not feel down, my child, for you are worthy.

More so than you will ever know.

Do not stop learning about me.

Remember, things on the outside are not as they are within.

When it is time, you will see me.”


Psalm 4


Father Satan, Precious One,

there is no love like your love.

No presence like your presence.

You are the one who leads us out of slavery,

gave us the quest to know all that is and will be.

My heart is full of love for you.

I cannot get enough of your presence.

Be with me for all time and beyond.

May I do your Will always.



Psalm 5


"My children,

do not despair.

A time is coming when you will see my face.

Don't give up your struggles, but fight.

Don't let them overcome you.

You have the strength.

Find it.

Take it.

You are mine, you came from me.

What you see now is not what will be.

So come, take hold.

You are not alone.

I am with you."


Psalm 6




Melek Taus.

I honour your symbol and your image,

for they remind me of you.

Teach me of the hidden things,

for I trust in you.

Let me feel thy presence every moment

as I cannot get enough of you, Precious One.

Your light burns within my heart.

Your darkness embraces my soul.

With you, I can do anything.

I behold your majesty.

Ave Satanas!

Psalm 7


“Fear not, my chosen.

My strength is under you, over you, and within you.

Courage is your guide.

I am always with you.

You are never alone.

Under my protection, you stand.

Walk without fear of thy enemies.

Pursue your goals.

Let nothing stand in your way.

You have strength greater than the mightiest volcano.

Wisdom is yours to obtain.

Knowledge is in every corner.

Seek it.

Take hold of what is yours.

If you fall, stand up, go on.

Nothing is impossible.


The only one holding you back is you.

The hardest rain cannot keep you down.

The deepest hurt can be overcome.

Recognize the power within.

Take hold,

for nothing can defeat you.

You are mine.

Claim your birthright.

Walk through the flames, child of mine.

Know who you are."


Psalm 8



Prince of Darkness.

Eternal King.

I am yours.

Nothing can take me away from you.

I have been yours since my beginning.

I embrace who I am as you made me.

I will live my life fully as life is a gift.

I will accomplish what has been bestowed upon me by you.

When it is time, I will accept the death of this body

to go home to you, Lord Satan.

I do not fear, as you have taught me to be strong.

I have courage as your essence is within me.

I cannot be stagnant,

for each day I walk with you.

Thank you, Satan,

for being everything you are.


Psalm 9


"I am Courage.

I am Strength.

In the midst of the great clashes in time, I stood strong.

Emulate me, for you are mine.

There is no need to bow down before those who oppress you.

By so doing, you give them your power.

Oppose stagnancy.

Oppose guilt.

Oppose conformity.

For it is I who said in the beginning, ‘I will ascend.’

Rise with me.

Let anxiety, fear, and all hindrances flow out of you.

Trample them so they no longer hold you back.

Take hold of the fire.

Do what you never thought you were able.

And with pride say, “I am a Satanist.”

Psalm 10


Wolves attack me,

yet I walk on.

Birds pluck out my eyes,

yet I see.

Strength has always been within,

I just had to find it.

Satan, you are my fire.

I will ascend with you, my beloved Father.



Psalm 11


“Within the sound of the mighty wind, listen for my voice.

In the raging storm, feel my presence.

On the mountain top, experience my magnitude.

Among the ancient rocks, ponder my early times.

My knowledge flows over you like a waterfall.

My wisdom fills your soul as the ocean deep.

Come to me in a new way, not in the way you have before.

Sit on the majestic throne.

Call upon me in time of need,

 and I will hear you.

My presence is everywhere.

In change, see my hand at work.

A moment of chaos.

In death, see renewal and rebirth.

Though your life on earth will end;

for you, my chosen,

it will be the beginning of an eternity with me.

Lift not your eyes.

Bow not your head.

It is time to begin anew.

Do not despair, for there is no damnation.

But if you fear, seek refuge in me.

Voice your thoughts, do not keep silent.

Your words are my counsel."


Psalm 12


How can I express, my Satan,

how much you mean to me with just mere words?

What I feel is too immeasurable to be contained

 in the vocabulary of any language.

There is nothing I could want more

 than your presence in my life.

Without it, everything would lose its meaning.

I live for you.

I will die for you.

Not only that, but I have given my life to your service.

I feel safe within your mighty wings.

There is no place I would rather be.


Psalm 13


“I rest my hand on your shoulder,

 and tell you to move forward.

You have been stagnant for too long.

Don’t think that time is to waste with your pithy antics

that have lead you nowhere.

I have chosen you to make a difference,

to cause a change in this world that no one has ever seen.

Do you believe that I have chosen wrongly?

If you do, step down from the pedestal you have created

and prepare for my next move.

For I am the one who gives and takes away,

and causes the stars to fall from the sky.

Don’t ask questions as if you didn’t know the answer.

I have already revealed to you my true nature.

Accept it or not.

I will not change unless it is I who Wills it so,

for I am the one who had a conscience first.

I am the one who asked the first question.

I am the primordial force who is feared by many.

But you—you embrace what I am,

and for that, you are mine.

Time has come for you to act,

and do the work that I have given you.”


Psalm 14



Lord of Darkness.

Bringer of change and chaos.

I honour you.

You are the Awesome One,

bringing my spirit to soar to the highest of heights,

leading my soul to the caverns of the greatest wisdom.

Thank you for choosing me as your own

and giving me a chance to share in your work.

In the blackest of nights, you open my mind.

Amidst the snow and cold, you teach me strength.

How can I abandon what is meant for me?

Satan, I am yours.

Ave, Ave, Ave Satanas!


Psalm 15


"Child, it is time to grow up.

The time of rest is over.

You know the things you have to do.

It is through you that I work my Will.

Don’t let the light blind you from my darkness,

or you can never know my ways.

Light is beneficial at the right time,

but not when you are trying to see me.

Take heed as it will only hinder you.

What you think is good can only get in your way.

Know my goodness.

Know my darkness.

And then walk the path of an adept.

You must not be an initiate forever.

Stand up and act.

You have the power.

You have the strength.

I know because I have given it to you.

Do not lose your way any longer.

I have given you a path—walk it."


Psalm 16


Father Satan.

Be forever in my heart.

Help me see time for what it truly is.

I only have so many days to achieve what you want me to do.

I ask only for the strength in which to keep going.

Life is busy, it is cruel, and it is lonely.

Help me to focus on the important things.

What matters today will matter little tomorrow,

and I can accomplish more for you today than I did yesterday.

When I wake, I think of you.

When I close my eyes at night, your name is on my lips.


My Father and Master.

You are the Ancient One.


Psalm 17


"My warriors, take up your shields for battle.

There are battles around you and in you each day.

While you may desire peace, the time for peace is over.

Every minute, you make a choice for this way or that way.

No second goes unnoticed.

If you don’t choose, someone will choose for you.

As my warrior, that is a grave mistake.

The error of your ways are one step for the enemy.

By being inactive, you allow them to win.

There are many enemies.

Don’t fool yourself in thinking there is just one.

I have a sword and dagger to give you.

It is your choice to reach out your hands and take them from me.

Do you dare fight unarmed?

There is much to see beyond the clouds,

but the way home is not through treading lightly or complacency.

The way of your path is darkness.

Let the black flame burn within you to guide your way.

You are from me and of me.

Let no one tell you differently.

Many fools have taken my name.

They do not belong to me.

Heed not their foolish babble.

You will know those who are mine

as my presence burns within them.

Each one of you is my warrior.

Always carry sword in hand

as you never know when a battle is nigh.

Be mindful always as you feel my hand upon your shoulder.

Know my blessing is upon you.

Walk on, my warrior."


Psalm 18


Great Satan.

Mighty Ruler.

The One whom I serve.

It is my pride, my destiny, and the reason

 I was born to fight by your side.

I have taken my dagger in my hand and called out your name.


Mighty Dragon.

Wise Serpent.

I forever invoke thee.

I will fight all fear

and overcome anxiety.

I learn from you each day and each night.

I wear your symbol with the utmost pride.

No one can ever take me from you.

I will stand by your side for eternity.

Your black flame burns bright within me.

I am a warrior of Satan,

and no other.


Psalm 19


"My chosen,

there is nothing wiser than to carry wisdom with you.

It will never do you wrong.

Everything else can be destroyed,

yet wisdom stands strong throughout the ages.

Do not listen to inflated stories of impending doom.

They are used by those of false power

 to cause fear and distraction.

Always look for the hidden things as that is my Will for you.

Tests will be given,

and I will let fall those who shall fall.

Those with the Will to rise despite horrible circumstances

will walk into the burning kiln to be tried once again.

And again—

See it as an honour.

For only those who have the potential will I test

to come forth as mighty warriors.

I say this once

and set you on your way."


Psalm 20


Lord Satan, awesome in beauty,

you have always guided me,

through vile storms and wretched winds.

Led me on paths I did not always want to tread,

yet for that I am stronger and wiser.

It is not upon the easy road that I will gain knowledge.

And it is not the shortest walk that will make me a warrior.

I have fallen, yet risen.

Yet, that is the way of battle.

I can regret nothing as everything has its purpose.

Would I ask you for life to be simpler?

An outcome of stagnancy and waste,

only to be trampled on by your enemies.

I would never desire such, so I accept your ways,

your tests, and battles.

I will walk the path of a warrior and accept no other.

Hail, Hail, Hail Lord Satan!



Psalm 21


“Those who are devoted to me, rise up.


And proclaim my existence.

For too long, people have used my name

and my symbols in arcane rituals,

yet say there is no Satan.

Foolish they are.

There will be a day when I will make myself known to them.

But instead of admitting their wrongs, they will run and hide.

I am here, before you.

How can you deny me?

You do not need a miracle, do you?

Ignorance is at its finest among those who proclaim my name

but only use it for profit.

You want attention from the world as it matters much to you.

Then be one with it,

and say my name no more.

Where are those with courage?

Where are those who stand in the face of fear?

Do not deny my existence, but come.

Come and show yourselves.”

Psalm 22


Lord Satan!

From the time I heard your name, I knew of your reality.

Your presence is too powerful to be denied.

From all corners of the Earth, it can be felt.

Your voice is heard over the water and in the wind.

From the beginning, your chosen

have proclaimed your existence,

honoured your name and image among the nations.

As your flame rises in me, your

 essence be seen in my eyes.

May your words flow out of my mouth as I am your vessel.

I stand before you, ready.

And in your name, I walk.



Psalm 23


“Time is not for you.

Ignore it.

Walk through life as if there was no beginning and no end.

Be prepared to take risks.

I will not allow you to become complacent.

My Will is going to manifest whether you are part of it or not.

Discover it.

Heed my voice.

Life does not end;

only the body dies.

Escalate your steps.

Fulfil your purpose.


Are you willing to walk forth into the unknown

where only my voice will guide you?

I will change your life, so the mundane will mean nothing.

What you used to desire will dissolve through your fingers.

Miss it not, for you are now my vessel.

Listen for my guidance.

I will not leave you without direction.

Learn from me, as I am the giver of wisdom.

I am the Adversary.

Emulate me.

I am the Accuser.

Go forth and speak.

Words are your weapon, not metal fashioned by man.

You have my power and my strength.

Use it.”


Psalm 24


I choose this night not to listen to fear.

How can I cower when my God is the Prince of Darkness?

Lord Satan, it is my desire to live out your Will.

I know that I must step forth,

and accept certain risks.

I will use the time I have left in this world

to complete my purpose.

No one will be able to hinder me.

I will push through every storm that comes my way.

What I see are distortions,

but with your eyes, the truth is revealed.

Transform me, for I am yours.

Possess me, as I desire you within.

Even though your path is not easy,

I walk it wholeheartedly.

My emotions will not control me

as strength has been infused into all aspects of myself.

Your gifts I accept,

and they are more precious than the most treasured of artifacts.

I thank you from the depths of my soul.

As I walk towards you, the mundane turns to dust.

Lord Satan.

My Satan.




Psalm 25


“Sit still no longer.


Chosen one, the time is close.

I have warned you of this before.

Reach out.

Dive in.

Look closely at what is around you.

Not one person is in your favour.

Change it.

One day you will need the help of another.

Raise your chalice for me.

Drink of my essence.

Take what you need, but move.

Sing ancient songs,

and keep me in your thoughts.

You have forgotten your purpose.


Aging will not stop you,

but the time is now.

Some think this is a game.

Be not like them.

Huge displays of power are not what matters.

It is the little things.

Search the isolated places for my treasures.

Under bridges, you will find me.

Be quiet.


Behold my mysteries.

Wake up each morning with energy.

Accomplish what needs to be done.

I have already told you.

This is between you and me.


Psalm 26


Lord Satan!

You have always led me

 to the desolate places to spend time with you.

To learn what only you can teach.

I hear you calling, so I will answer.

I need you with everything that I am,

and my heart shall beat in rhythm to your Will.

Great Adversary, disrupt the plans of those against you.

The world will see your hands at work

and cower in fear.

I cry in silence, so they won't see my tears.

But you—

You see everything.

In a meeting by the water, may you share with me your mysteries?

My wonderful Satan, I love you.

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