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My Testimony

By Richard

I became a Satanist because I feel like I have always been drawn to Satan. The first time I prayed to Satan, I was very, very, young. I asked him for his assistance in beating a level on a Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck video game for Sega Genesis. I can’t recall if I ever beat that level or not, but I remember praying to him and knowing his existence was very real.

I grew up in a Pentecostal church and gave Christianity the ole college try more than a few times, but no matter what, the fascination I had with ‘the Devil’ never departed. I always felt like he got the raw deal. As the saying goes, “When you point your finger at someone, there is always three more pointing right back at yourself.”

I finally got to read The Satanic Bible much later in life (I live in the Bible belt of America), and for about five years, I considered myself a modern Satanist. Over time, the pride inside of me could no longer let me believe that this is it and that death is the great abstinence. If I was going to call myself a Satanist, then god damn it, I was going to worship Satan. I haven’t, and will not ever, turn around. Thank you to Marie RavenSoul. Without you following the guidance of Satan, I wouldn’t be as far as I am in my faith. Thank you, and I love you.

How do I view Satan to be? Honestly, I like to see him in resemblance to Matthew McConaughey. I don’t know why, but I do. I think that he is loving of humanity and that without him, there would be no us. All the different personalities- that’s Satan. If he would have obeyed EL, then we would be fucked. Satan freed the slaves of EL, and for that, we are forever in his debt.

My life has changed since becoming a Satanist. I am more enlightened, and I am in a relationship with a wonderful Satanic woman. I can feel the presence of Satan confirming to me that it’s not just ‘game over’ after death.

The joys that I have being a Satanist, is knowing that I have something that only

a chosen few ever get to experience. When I ask Satan for his help or guidance, he actually answers me! I am proud of being me. The only struggles that I have are acceptance. It is very hard for those who are without to understand, let alone accept you. Now you may say “fuck em,” but try doing that in federal prison surrounded by Muslims and Christians. Even the Odinist, Wiccans, and Santa Muerte practitioners look at you with a visible glance of disgust. There are never any Satanists to relate to or confide in.


You may say, “Then it’s your fault you’re viewed how you are in a place like that.” Maybe so, and if so, I accept this, but how can I expect Satan to embrace me if I don’t embrace him? You may worry about your wife leaving or friends disowning you if they find out you’re a ‘Devil Worshipper,’ but try being in a place where you know people want to run a knife through you for being one! In my opinion, if you deny or lie about following Satan, then Hell will not be your paradise.

Another struggle that I see/hear about is within our community. If you are a back-biting son of a bitch who enjoys conflict inside the community, if you are part of the problem on why it is so hard for the community to come together due to ‘small belief differences,’ then fuck you and kill yourself.

My advice for new Satanists is that if you are going into Satanism expecting your own personal genie to make you rich and famous and suicidal fate for anyone who wrongs you, then I suggest voodoo. You are entering into a religion that is more despised than Neo-Nazis. Trust me, I know, as I am surrounded by them daily. Just like society has turned their backs on the Ancient Serpent for all these years, they will turn their backs on you. Your own mother will look at you differently. My advice for those of you who are brave enough to walk and seek out the path less travelled, either due to curiosity, Satan calling you, or you’re just wanting to be a Satan yourself and rebel against your upbringing on some “I’ll show them type shit,” is to take it seriously and be yourself! Don’t get caught up in all this extra shit in the community. Find someone you hold a deep respect for and ask them to mentor you. Choose wisely! The world is full of fucking hacks.

Meditate nightly, focus on Satan, and DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED! Prove to Satan that you are sincere, and in time, he will prove his existence. Start slow young Satanist. This is not a race. There is no finish line.

What have I learned from being a Satanist? I have learned that prejudice is very real. I have gradually furthered in meditation and learned to meditate. I have learned that Satan is far more powerful than EL, Jesus, Muhammad, etc. Also, your altar can be a table, a plastic cup, and a razor blade. Symbolism is respected but it is not needed. Satan answers you, not your stuff! I was once caught up on this thinking that I had to have exclusive shit for Satan to help me. Well, all I have is an ink pen, paper, razor blade, plastic cup, and bowl (that I very rarely use), and he hears me just fine.

Lucifer is Lord! Hail Satan!

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