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Satanic Texts

The dedication of Satan's chosen people is increasing each day. Let us pledge to study the sacred texts and obtain the knowledge He has prepared for us.


I was, am now, and shall have no end. I exercise dominion over all creatures and over the affairs of all who are under the protection of my image. I am ever present to help all who trust in me and call upon me in time of need. There is no place in the universe that knows not my presence.

― Al-Jilwah

O ye that have believed in me, honor my symbol and my image, for they remind you of me.

― Al-Jilwah

“Have an absolute loyalty to the Devil. To be faithful to Satan is your honour. There is only one unforgivable shameful misconduct: treachery. However, there is neither sin nor punishment for you from Satan; there only the risk of being away from Him. The most terrifying thing for the demonic Spirit is indeed to be outside the truth of Satan. Without the Love of Satan, you are just an ordinary person.”
― Valentin Scavr, AMSG

“Everyone, who will devote his own heart and soul to Satan voluntary and give his own life to serve Satan faithfully – this one will know the proximity of Him and the fidelity of Him completely.”                                                                                                                                       ― Signifer, Res Satanae, Ecclesia Tenebrarum

“In devotion, one must seek to dismiss the cravings of the mind – one seeks to be satisfied only in their self-identification with the Devil. One finds all the joy in this and their stability of mind cannot be broken.”                                                                                                            ― Frater Antiaris, Res Satanae, Ecclesia Tenebrarum

“How should we serve Satan, we who can accept these tenets, by the principle if not in detail? Like every deity is served: in one’s heart, thoughts, words, and action.”                                                  ― Johannes Nefastos, Argarizim: The Fall of Lucifer

“For His names are many, and He delights that you should remember Him often. And He has a secret name, which is “The Terrifying One.”                                                                                     ― Martinet Press, The Devil’s Quran

Goth woman reading.webp

“I define Satan-Lucifer, which is The Adversary, as the Source of Consciousness that exists beyond space-time, and is the Prince of this World. The Darkness is the representation of Satan, and the Light is the representation of Lucifer – yet they are One. Thus, only through Darkness itself, do we obtain true enlightenment.”                                                                          ― Vrykolakas Oriax, Magus V, The Book of the Divine Black Flame of Satan

“Blessed is he who findeth wisdom and seeketh knowledge, for these are more precious than gold; and the gain thereof shall be the immortal universe itself.”                                                  ― John A. De Vito, The Devil’s Apocrypha

“The Shaitan wants to affect the world, and it pleases Him sometimes to affect the world through us. You must realize that He does not need to work through us, but He chooses to do so, and so do the other great primordials whenever they choose to do so. If we are not aligned with His will, then we are of little use to Him. But He is not the murderous and joyless creature that sent the Prophets – He does not launch crusades between his own worshippers."        ― Tariqa Azzeddini, The Black Path

“The Shaitan and the primordials, they want us to return to them. They are jealous and angry that Allah has shattered the unity. So He will be punished – we do not know how – but until that day comes, we must remain faithful to the Shaitan, for He is our father and will not forsake us.”                                                                                                                                           ― Tariqa Azzeddini, The Black Path

“Lucifer, long ago you crept into the garden of ignorance and transformed humanity forever with the gift of knowledge. You looked upon us and saw what every artist yearns for― potential.”

― Magister Cankerworm, The Book of Infernal Prayer

“The nature of the Devil is bestial, wild, enthusiastic, aggressive, violent, impulsive, unrelenting, potent and overwhelmingly energetic -a thoroughly sinister essence of writhing Chaos. Coming to know the Devil is coming into ever closer intimacy with a virulent form of Chaos, and coming to liberate the Great External Chaos within one’s Blood.”

― Frater Kafyrfos, Wolf’s Hooked Cross

“Oath given to Satan – it is Infernal for you, and nothing should contradict it. By your own will you gave yourself into the hands of Satan – entirely and forever.”                                               ― Valentin Scavr, Codex Daemonorum

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