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My Love for Satan

By Shannon Morris

How can anyone fully express a joy for which there are no adequate words or phrases? The absolute happiness I feel in talking about my beautiful Lord and God SATAN goes beyond all limits and boundaries. There are truly no words to express what I feel; nothing I can say will seem adequate.

I always, even as a young child, felt 'apart' from the rest of the world religiously. I never quite felt in tune with other people my age or even older, who seemed content with their religious convictions. I just never felt comfortable or 'right' around people who were Christians or who seemed to believe in the whole concept of a 'god.' And yet, at the same time, I felt that there was something else for me... something that would 'complete' me, (for lack of a better term).

By the time I was 10, I had developed a fascination for anything that even vaguely smacked of 'The Devil' or 'Satan.' I LOVED Halloween and horror movies and had not the slightest fear of such things... just a total fascination.

Then at age 11, my parents took me on a mini vacation to my grandparent’s house. While we were there, I slept in one of the spare bedrooms. Unfortunately, in that room, my grandparents--who were very Christian--had placed on the wall a picture of Jesus holding a sheep and walking amongst a group of other sheep. The picture was on a rough-hewn piece of wood with the bark of the tree still around the edge. It was a thick piece of wood and was hanging on the wall across from the bed where I was sleeping. I HATED that picture! I didn't want to be in that room with that THING on the wall. For some reason, I got the idea that only Satan could make me feel better, so as I lay there awake, I felt a warmness and an assurance that Satan could indeed make me feel better. So, I began a quiet little prayer to Him (the first time I had ever prayed to Him), asking Him to somehow get rid of that picture from off the wall. I promised Him that if He could do that for me, I would right then and there promise myself to Him and Him alone. Within one minute of making that promise, the picture fell off the wall, hit the corner of a heavy desk, and broke in two! No joke. The thick wooden picture split right in the middle, breaking the bastard Jesus right in half. Needless to say, my parents and grandparents came running in to see what had happened, and I explained that the picture had fallen off the wall and split in two when it hit the desk, (all of which was true... I just left the part about the prayer out). They were somewhat freaked out and had no explanation for it, but since I was always such a 'good boy' they believed me, even though they were perplexed. But I knew the truth, and after they left the room, I laid there awake all night, not out of fear, but in total amazement and almost ecstasy knowing that, in effect, Satan had heard me and had accepted me! It was the most incredible feeling ever!

From that magical moment on, I never wavered in my dedication to Him. I KNEW that I was for Him, and He was for me. Then, when I was 17, I did a dedication ceremony that I wrote myself, complete with candles, and signing my name in blood, etc. When I was finished, an absolutely WONDERFUL feeling came over me! It truly was as if I could feel Satan taking my soul as His forever! Nothing since then has felt as good!

Since that time, I have never looked back or regretted my decision for a single second. That moment in the bedroom at my grandparent's house and the later moment of dedication were the two best moments of my life! They changed the direction of my life, and I would do them a million times over if I could. At those moments, I began my journey upon the best road anyone could ever hope to be on... the road to full and complete worship of SATAN!

Now my entire world... my universe... is centered around Satan. He is my Lord, my God, my Father, my Master... and I will never, ever deny Him or stray from His side. NOTHING in my life... not my family, career, health, or anything else is anywhere near as precious to me as my relationship with Him. He is TRULY my EVERYTHING! I love Him, adore Him, and fully bow down to Him in every way. There is no longer even the slightest devotion to the Christian 'god' or its putrid 'son' left in me. My dedication to Master Satan is absolutely complete. I often get irritated with the people who say they have 'sold' their souls to Him. I did not 'sell' my soul to Him. Selling implies that I expected something in return for my investment. I don't expect anything at all back from Lord Satan in exchange for my soul; nothing, except the privilege and honor of worshipping Him for all eternity. That makes it all worthwhile. I have no fear of what awaits me in the 'beyond.' The way I see it, my soul does not belong to me; it is the property of my beautiful God Satan, and He may do whatever He wishes with His property. As long as the ownership of my soul makes Him happy, that is all I care about. His happiness and my ability to praise Him are all I care about.

I urge anyone who reads this testimony and who is even slightly considering dedicating themselves to Satan-- especially young people, such as teens, as I was when I first dedicated, to do so IMMEDIATELY... as fast as you can! You will never regret it! You will soon see that it was the best thing that you ever did. Dedicate fully and completely, and then live your life as enthusiastically for Satan as you can! You will be starting a wonderful new life with the most beautiful, powerful, lovable, precious, and amazing God there is... not to mention the ONLY God! He is my Master, my God, my Lord, my Father... and He can be yours, too, if you will just make the commitment. Give yourself to Him NOW!

I love and adore Satan with every ounce of my body and soul!


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