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Spiritual Practices

Practice every day!

Whether you are new to Satanism or have been a Satanist for many years, it is important to spend time with Satan often. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate ritual but a short prayer to anoint yourself each morning and then a prayer of gratitude before you retire at night. Always begin by honouring Satan. I do this by removing my footwear before approaching the altar and bowing before I light the candles. I often cover my head in respect, which helps to keep the mind focused on the ritual, prayer, or meditation. Do what you feel is right and what Satan tells you to do.

I also invoke Satan each morning before I start my day, and I will call him by his various names and list his characteristics. I ask him for his blessing and protection, and if I know I will be dealing with a difficult situation, I ask Satan to strengthen me. I recommend you spend some time in silence, even just a few minutes, to hear Satan’s voice. He might have something that he wants to say to you. Prayer is a two-way street. 


If you don’t have much privacy or can’t practice where you live due to your circumstances, there are other ways to spend time in devotion. You can pray and meditate anywhere. All you need is a quiet spot where you can be alone. If you want to give an offering to Satan, you can make or buy something and place it under a tree in a nearby park or one close to your home. When

purchasing an item or making it, tell him you are doing it for him and express your devotion in your mind or out loud if possible. When you lay the item down, tell Satan that it is an offering for him and that you hope he is pleased with it.

I have gotten a lot of messages from those who cannot have an altar in their home because they live with their Christian or Muslim family, and one thing I suggest is to find a small rock outside that can be placed on a dresser or windowsill. Ask Satan to guide you in finding a suitable rock, and then clean and consecrate it when you bring it home. Place it where it won’t be seen or touched by others. It is your altar to Satan, so treat it with respect. You can leave the rock the way it is, or you can use paint or marker to design it in a way that is honouring to Satan. When giving an offering such as a small flower, a piece of food, or drink, place it on the rock and let Satan know it is for him. No one else needs to know what it is you are doing. It is between you and Satan.

Satan knows the devotion in your heart. If you are thinking about him and are loyal, he is aware. You don’t have to be in front of an altar to communicate with Satan. He knows when your mind and heart focus on him. If you haven’t spent time with Satan for a while, you might want to do a small ritual to strengthen your connection. He knows why you have been absent, but be honest about why you have neglected your devotions.


Your relationship with Satan is unique, and he is the only one you should listen to. The way that he wants you to practice might be an indicator of what his Will is for you. It might change over time and vary in intensity, but it should always focus on Satan. Make sure you ask Satan before starting a connection with another deity, such as a Demon. If you have dedicated yourself to him, this is extremely important.

Under no circumstances should a Satanist work with angels. They are servants of Jehovah and enemies of Satan, so subsequently are the enemies of Satan’s Devotees. It will negatively impact your relationship with Satan if you reach out to them. Some occultists say they ‘work’ with Demons and angels just fine, but they most likely have not dedicated themselves to Satan, and the long-term consequences might not be apparent to them yet. Be careful and use discernment with whom you trust for spiritual guidance. Not everyone has the same intensity of devotion or beliefs, so trust your heart and always go to Satan for clarification.

Pay attention to the little things, as Satan will give signs when you least expect them. Pray often and mean what you say. Don’t repeat words from a book unless they are true for you. It is acceptable to leave words out of prayers and substitute them for those more appropriate to your beliefs. Give the offerings that you feel drawn to give. Satan might ask for a specific thing like a type of incense, or while you are at the florist to buy flowers for your altar, you might get a strong inclination that he wants them to be a specific colour. Offerings from your heart or body, such as hair or blood, are the most powerful.  


If you are a new Satanist, research and practice, but don’t dedicate yourself to Satan until you know you are ready. It is exciting to take this step, but extremely important that you understand what you are doing and what it entails. Contemplate this for some time, and once you are positive you want to go forward, ask Satan if it is his Will for you to dedicate to him. If yes, begin to prepare for your ritual. A dedication is not to be done on a whim, only to abandon Satan a few days or years later. It is an eternal commitment.

Your Satanic practice is between you and Satan. Write your own rituals and perform them, celebrate Satanic holidays, sing songs of devotion, and be grateful that you have another day to make a difference for Satan the way he has guided you.

May Satan's name be glorified throughout the earth, and those who feel his call come to him with a sincere heart.

This is a video I made where I talk about how one’s relationship with Satan is personal and how it is important to go to Satan first with questions or doubts instead of relying on others to provide the answers only Satan can give.

In this video, I talk about being a Devotee of Satan and how important it is to listen to Satan’s guidance and not social media.

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