In Satan's Honour

 Satanism and Demon Worship

Teenage Satanism: Beginning on Satan’s Path

Whether it was because you felt Satan’s call, or you became interested in Satanism because of another reason, you are on a path like no other. It combines the spiritual, mental, and physical and is both dark and light combined, Satan being the dark side and Lucifer being the light side. Some Satanists focus on one more than the other, but it is good to be in balance.

As a child, you may have had experiences that you didn’t understand at the time. This might have been Satan’s way of letting you know that you are one of his chosen people. He may have done this through dreams, signs, words in your mind or through manifestations. You might have been drawn to Satan and the occult and the interest has gotten stronger over time.

While other people your age are talking about clothes, music videos, dating, and the latest show, you are thinking about Satan. You would rather read about how to talk to him and how to do rituals than think about mundane issues. You may feel that you are different from others and you care about things that other people don’t such as spirituality and magick. This is because Satan’s Black Flame has been burning within you and he is revealing it to you now.

A lot of people will tell you what Satanism is but that is something you will need to learn for yourself. It is important to know that Satanism is not about what you see in the media or in horror movies. They are mostly based on stereotypical nonsense, and while they are a form of entertainment which many Satanists do like to watch, they do not teach anything valid about Satan. The same goes for music that describes Satan as ‘evil.’ This is based on what is taught about him by mainly the Abrahamic religions, but it is not true.

Getting to Know Satan

The most important thing you need to do when you decide to become a Satanist is to learn as much as you can about Satan. Read everything that you can get your hands on. In this new age of technology, it is easy to get online and look up websites about Satan and Satanism but don’t forget that libraries are also important sources of information. If you are able, buy some books for new Satanists. There is more available now than ever before and they can guide you through the basic first steps.

Taking that into consideration, be aware that there is a lot of nonsense out there. You want to be critical in judging what people are saying. Just because something is written does not mean it is true. Learn to make up your own mind what you believe.

Since social media is a big part of how we interact with people, there are ways to use it to get in contact with other Satanists. This can be very helpful in learning how different Satanists practice and you will see that you are not alone. Once again, be critical about what you see and hear. There are some very devoted, serious Satanists who know a lot and are willing to help; but sadly, there are also people just out there to play games. Stay away from them as much as possible and avoid drama. You want to learn about Satanism, not get involved with people’s social or political issues and their fights with others.

As you learn more about Satan, it is time to begin praying to him. Be sincere and ask him if he can teach you about himself. There is no better way to learn about someone than to have them show you. This can be done simply by asking him. You don’t need anything fancy, but if you want to be more formal you can light a black or dark blue candle and say a short invocation before you begin your prayer.

One thing that is very important to remember is that Satan takes you seriously. If you pray and ask him for something, be very clear and never take your requests lightly. He hears what you say, whether you speak it out loud or think the words. He knows your intention so be genuine, and never ask for something that you might not be totally sure that you want.

If you promise Satan that you will do something for him, do it. It is possible that even if you think about something with a small hint of intent, Satan will hold you to your word.

Make sure to practice often. Pray at least once a day and spend time in meditation. If you are not sure how to meditate, read some books or look online. There are some good tutorials on YouTube on how to get started. Begin a daily devotional practice where you spend time reading sacred text or books about Satanism, contemplating on who Satan is and what he stands for, and write in a devotional book what you have learned. If you are able, spend time in ritual. This will strengthen your connection with Satan and help prepare you to live a Satanic life.

Dedicating to Satan

You might read in some places that shortly after you become a Satanist you should dedicate your life to Satan. Not so. This should only be done after lots of study and practice. You need to get to know Satan and establish a strong connection with him first.

When you decide to dedicate, research the different ways in which this is done. You may choose to use a ritual written by someone else or you may prefer to write your own. In either case, make sure that you understand the vows that you say and mean every word that comes out of your mouth. You want to be prepared so that when you do dedicate, you will do it correctly and with your whole heart and soul.

This is a lifelong or eternal commitment, depending on what you promise in your vows. Once you dedicate, there is no turning back. Make sure you understand this before you do it. Know that even if you feel like leaving the path after thirty or sixty years, your vows still stand.

This is a lot to consider, especially if you are a teenager. The future seems so far away, and everything seems possible to you now. You probably are excited to dedicate and believe that you can live up to all your promises but take everything into consideration before you go through with the ritual. Ask Satan if he wants you to dedicate to him and if yes, when it would be the best time. Find out if there is anything that he expects from you and make that part of your ritual.

Never dedicate just because someone tells you that you should. This is the most serious decision you will ever make, and it should not be taken lightly. The last thing that you want to do is to dedicate to Satan and then a few years later go back on your promises.

Satanic Organizations

One of the things you might be eager to do is join a Satanic organization. It is natural to want to become a part of something, to be around people who believe the same as you. The unfortunate thing is that most organizations won’t accept members under eighteen. This can be frustrating, but it can also be beneficial in some ways as it gives you time to research the different organizations/groups.

It is wise to find out as much as you can about a group before you join. They might look good at first glance, but their beliefs might be very different from yours. Never rush into anything. Go online and read the websites of the Satanic groups that interest you, if one stands out then dig deeper. If they have published a book, you might want to read it to get further insight into what they believe. Look on YouTube to see if they have any videos and watch them. If you are still interested, find out if they have a group on social media that you can join. Watch how they interact with each other and see what they teach. Post some questions and see how they respond to you. Learn what other Theistic Satanists say about them and if they have had good experiences.

The way in which the organization views Satan is very important. If you are a Theistic Satanist, you want to find a group that believes that Satan is a real sentient entity. Ask them questions as to what they believe about Satan’s origins, his characteristics, and what he stands for. Find out how they practice their Satanism such as the kinds of rituals they do, what holidays they celebrate, and the Demons they honour. Make sure that at the very beginning, you are aware of their ethics and any rules they might have.

Beware of groups that seem to focus more on politics than on Satanism. These types are usually created to promote hatred towards certain cultural groups and some recruit teenagers specifically. Don’t fall for it. This has nothing to do with Satanism and there is no benefit to you.

The kind of group you want would be run by devoted Theistic Satanists. These people would be serious about the Satanic religion, have many years experience, practice as well as teach the religion, and have a great love for Satan. They would care about their members and would want to help them on their Satanic path.

Parents and Family

If you are like many teenage Satanists, one of the things you may be struggling with is having a family who does not understand your beliefs. Like most people, they were probably brought up to believe that Satan is ‘evil’ and don’t understand why their child would want to follow him. If they believe in one of the Abrahamic faiths such as Christianity or Islam, they might have an even harder time with acceptance. They may not allow you to have occult books, ritual items, or anything to do with Satan in the house. They may have forbidden you to practice your religion. This has most likely made you feel angry, frustrated, and resentful as you want to be able to grow spiritually and practice like everyone else.

Even though you may not be able to set up an altar and perform rituals at home, no one can stop you from praying to Satan and meditating. You don’t need any items to do these things. The greatest altar is your heart, soul, and mind, and no one can take what you do there away from you. Depending on where you live, you might want to find a quiet place outdoors where you can get away from people and pray and perhaps do a ritual. Going for a walk while focusing on Satan can deepen your connection with him.

If you think that your parents may be open to learning about Satanism, you might want to start a dialogue with them or show them a couple of your favourite Satanic websites. Hopefully, they will take the time to listen and try to understand why you have chosen Satan as your god. By looking at websites or some books, perhaps they will see that Satanism is not what they thought it was. If you feel it is the right time, you might want to tell them how important it is to you to be able to practice your religion and that having an altar would mean a lot to you.

It is not easy having to abide by your parent’s rules, but if you are under eighteen and live under their roof, then there are certain things you must do. Once you move out on your own, you will have the freedom to do what you want. For now, concentrating on getting a good education, establishing good friendships, learning what you are good at doing, developing work skills, and strengthening your talents should be your priority.

Always take advantage of the time that you have. Even though things may be difficult for you right now, keep strong. Try your best to get along with your parents and be thankful for all that they are doing for you. If your relationship with them is stressful, try to find common ground, something you all like that you can do together. Don’t let your differences come between you. Life is too short for that.

Living Your Life as a Satanist

Satanism is not an easy path. There will be struggles and sacrifices. The world is getting better in how it views Satanists, but there are many people who still believe the old stereotypes. These people may be your teachers, fellow students, co-workers, and family and friends. When they find out that you are a Satanist, they might give you a hard time and you may lose some people from your life. At times you may feel alone, disappointed, and angry.

You need to truly want to follow Satan.

If you feel that Satan has called you and you have responded to this call, this will be the most rewarding experience of your life. There is nothing that can compare to the relationship that you can have with him, and he will teach you knowledge and wisdom beyond measure. Ask him what his Will is for your life and prepare for what is to come.

As time goes on, it is important to make Satanism a way of life. Make sure to do something every day, even if it is just a short prayer. Celebrate Satanic holidays such as Halloween and the solstices and give an offering to Satan once a week. If you have a hobby or talent, use it for Satan. You can make a big difference for Satanism by doing this.

Live what you believe. If you say that study is important, make sure that it is a big part of your practice. Do things that will strengthen you and make you a better person in all areas of your life. The most important thing you can do is to learn about yourself and your life’s purpose. Trust yourself and change things that are not good for you. Learn what your true Will is and set out to do it. Believe that all things are possible.

Satan may call you to do something special for him. This could include dedicating your life to him in a deeper way, teaching others about him, or he might want you to write a book about Satanism to help new Satanists. You will know if this happens and Satan will guide you.

This is your path, walk it well.