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Satan is a sentient primordial entity who has been worshiped throughout the ages by different names and among many cultures and civilizations. His essence has always been the same- powerful, adversarial, prideful, melancholic, tempting, and fierce. He is beyond good and evil, the bearer of undefiled wisdom, and is responsible for mankind having self-knowledge and free Will. Satan will not be defined.

The ultimate goal of the Satanist is to develop a relationship with Satan, but how this manifests is between Satan and the devotee.

A Satanist questions all things and does not blindly accept the truth of another.

Demons are revered as mankind's first teachers; the ancient gods and goddesses worshiped by the pagans. When calling upon a Demon in a ritual they are to be treated with the utmost respect.

Satanism does not have a 'holy book' that must be obeyed. The values and morals that an individual Satanist lives by are those they have set for themselves. Satanists are not a servant of a god, a book, or an ideal. They are their own master.

The most powerful sacrifice that a Satanist can give is something of themselves such as their blood, hair, energy, or tears.

Satanism stands for knowledge, wisdom, self-empowerment, freedom, creativity, honour, individuality, magick, and spiritual mastery.

The Satanist believes that a child should be treated with love and care and protected from all harm including all forms of physical, sexual, emotional, mental, and spiritual abuse. To do any of these things to a child would be an infringement upon their free Will.

Occult knowledge and magick are gifts from Satan and the Demons. A Satanist must remember this and never take them for granted.

A Satanist does not judge a person based on their sexual orientation. One has the freedom and the right to be heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, asexual, transgender, and so forth. An individual’s sexual activity is their own business, as long as it does not include forcing another person against their Will.

A Satanist does not attempt to convert people to Satanism. Satan chooses His own followers and has ways of reaching them.

If contemplating whether to live or die, the Satanist will conclude that they can overcome anything and that a purpose exists that only they can fulfill. Every Satanist can make a difference in this world for Satan and His people.

A Satanist always stands up for what they believe to be right and true.

Animals are sacred and held in high regard. The Satanist stands against all forms of animal abuse.

Sin and eternal punishment do not exist. They were concepts created to bring about fear, guilt, and conformity to the Abrahamic 'god.'

A Satanist continually strives to know themself above all others and to become the best they can be in every part of their life.

Satanism does not discriminate against age, gender, skin colour, mental or physical disability, appearance, or financial status.

Freedom of belief is a right for all people, and the Satanist stands against all forms of spiritual exploitation.

Satanism has nothing to do with money, fame, sex, or material gain. It is about worshiping Satan and learning from Him. The connection a Satanist has with Satan is more important than anything.

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