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A testimony is a weapon—

It is—really. Well, according to the Christian bible, it is. The 'Book of Revelation' (verse 12:11) states that Christians overcome Satan by the word of their testimony. Is that so? Words are powerful in the mundane world and the spiritual, but the idea that Satan, a primordial entity, could be 'overcome' by mere words is ridiculous. Of course, considering the source- a biased book written by men who made their 'god' the winner in a war that they predicted, but in which there is no factual evidence that it will ever occur, lacks all credibility. It is the same 'god' who needed a human sacrifice- his son, and who needs angels at his feet to constantly give him glory and praise so he can feed off their words of power. Only a fearful and weak 'god' would require such a thing, and he makes it mandatory, just like the testimony he requires of his followers.

A testimony is a statement that a person makes attesting that something exists or is true. The term is mostly used in a court of law, but also in certain religions where a person is expected to give a testimony after they have come to believe in the god of that religion. Christianity is one of those religions. Usually, a person will give this testimony in front of their fellow church members after being baptized, and some Christians will also give them at public events to witness to believers and non-believers alike. The testimony has three parts- the first is where the person will describe their life before they were Christian; in the second part they explain their conversion; and the third consists of how their life has changed since they began to follow their 'god.' The purpose is to glorify this 'god,' proclaim his 'good' works in front of others, and to tell him how great and powerful he is. This is a very important part of Christianity- that Christians do not remain silent but are to tell the world about their 'god.' It is a great witnessing tool but, unfortunately, has had a big part in the spread of this religion.

Islam is another example of a religion that requires a mandatory testimony. It is called the Shahada. This profession of faith states the two fundamental beliefs one must hold to be considered a Muslim. These beliefs are that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is his prophet. When one becomes a Muslim, they must recite the Shahada aloud in front of two Muslims, which must be done with conviction to show true belief. A person cannot be a Muslim unless this is done, and if they choose not to do it for whatever reason, they would never be seen as a true believer in the Muslim community. This testimony is also said at times of prayer, and some Muslims will have it written in Arabic on fancy coloured paper on the front door of their homes. This religion is another illustration of how this 'god' of Abraham needs power, and he gets it when people give him such unconditional recognition. It is more evidence as to the true nature of this 'god.' If a god is powerful, he wouldn't need followers to tell him how 'good' he is or to sing his praises. But his followers are so ensnared by him, they don't want to see the truth.

In contrast, Satan doesn't require that His followers praise or worship Him. He would rather us become empowered than see us on our knees, as evident throughout the ages in many texts, including the bible. In the garden, Satan encouraged the woman to become as a god. He did not tell her to glorify Him, as Jehovah did, because He doesn't need energy nor validation, which shows Satan has the qualities of a true leader and god. Does this sound like an entity that can be 'overcome' with mere words, as the Christians like to teach? Of course not. They can clap and sing all they want and act like they have 'overcome,' but that is only a reaction to their need for power and strength, as their tyrant 'god' takes what little they have as they fall to their knees in submission.

Satanism does not require a person to profess their belief in Satan before others to be considered a valid Satanist. When we, as Satanists, choose to follow Satan, it is a commitment that we make to Satan alone, and we don't have to prove what we have done to anyone. Satanists also don't desire to convert non-Satanists to our way, and contrary to what proponents of other religions might believe, Satan doesn't ask us to. Satan chooses His own and doesn't need a middleman to get our attention. He is quite capable of it Himself. It is one of the reasons why Satanists are not evangelical. We don't have a compulsion, like Christians do, to tell everyone we meet about the commitments we make to Satan, nor do we make public displays of our spirituality, hoping that people will like what they see and follow along. Now if a Satanist chooses to profess his allegiance to Satan to another Satanist, it is often done in the spirit of camaraderie and of the Satanist's Free Will. No text that is sacred to the Satanist demands this to be done.


A Satanist might express their Satanic beliefs by giving the sign of the horns or speaking the words Hail Satan, but they should hold a special significance for these gestures not to lose their meaning. Don't just flash the sign of the horns at any ole time; the meaning is already being watered down by the media and by people who just want to look 'cool.' The words Hail Satan used to contain power and would incite a reverent fear in those who heard or saw them. These days they are written on everything from sweaters to coffee mugs with tag lines that are nothing but a joke. The only thing that can change any of this is if we, as Satanists, start taking our beliefs more seriously. The time is at hand for us to rise and alter the course of this atrocious secular agenda.

Choosing to follow Satan is just the first step for the Satanist. It doesn't end with some words. Once that decision is made our relationship with Satan strengthens. The Satanist will feel drawn to pray, meditate, and perform rituals often, and the desire to read as much as possible on Satanism and the occult will grow. Life will be viewed from a Satanic perspective, and knowing our true Will and making it manifest will be of utmost importance. In time, the Satanist will eventually come to a crossroads and will be given an invitation. The choice is up to us whether or not we take it.

If the invitation is accepted, the Satanist will go from following Satan to dedicating our life to Him. It means we set ourselves apart to walk the dark path in earnest while the black flame burns within, changing and defining us. Focus will no longer be on the mundane but on Satan and His purpose. Those of us who choose this path drink from the chalice of Satan's essence as the Serpent enters our souls. Our body becomes a temple, and the people around us sense the presence of Satan within us. Satan might call us to something even deeper such as being a priestess or creator of masterpieces, and if the Satanist accepts, there is no turning back to a 'normal' life.

Our dedication to Satan and the Demons manifests in our lives in many ways. Some of us express our love and devotion through our creative endeavours- the pictures we paint, the music we compose, or the poetry and articles we write. Others might get a tattoo of a sigil of Satan or a Demon with whom we have a close connection. Many Satanists wear a particular symbol that is meaningful, such as a ring that we have consecrated in a ritual as a sign of our dedication. These actions are not commandments from a book or a prophet. They come from the heart and soul. Each Satanist is unique, as is our relationship with Satan and the Demons.

These are testimonies. They are power. They create, and they destroy. The writers of the bible never considered the testimony of a Satanist and what knowledge or power it might bring forth. What might seem like a simple symbol around the Satanist's neck will enter the subconscious of everyone who looks upon it, and a song can bring Satan's message to those who need to hear it. It is the Dragon's magick, and it is increasing day by day. True power cannot be contained, and the life of the Satanist becomes the testimony.


A weapon indeed—


On the drop-down pages are testimonies of Satanists who have a strong devotion to Satan. I hope you enjoy reading them and are encouraged on your Satanic path.

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